Covid-21 Roadmap, One World Government Structure Document Leaked

Recall that Covid-19 is the name given by the World Health Organization (WHO) on February 11, 2020 for the disease caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2.

It started in Wuhan, China in late 2019 and has since spread worldwide. COVID-19 is an acronym that stands for Coronavirus Disease of 2019.

Plans are already in place by some persons to introduce Covid-21, but, it is not just Covid-21 they are planning to introduce, there are more things they want to do, read on:

There is a new version of the Covid, they have written the name already, it is called Covid-21.

They have a calendar for the year 2021.

December 2020 – Field hospitals setup in each country

January 2021: Full lockdown, and all jobs stopped, all businesses closed. Reforms on all benefits.

March 21: New infection Covid-21 different strain, much more deadly than Covid-19.

April 21: Hospitals unable to cope. Covid-19 vaccination available everywhere.

Covid-21 Helpful Tips: Plant-Based Immune System Boosters to Keep You Healthy

The Israel prime minister said that by March, 2021, everyone in Israel would have been vaccinated, he may be dreaming because there are people who will resist him.

June 21: Shop would be running out of supplies
There will be common place, local protest will be common, army check points gets setup in each town.

July 21: National civil unrest takes off; local governments starts pulling out. And Covid-21 vaccines developed.

August 21: Early plans for new government structure. First full vaccination rolled out for Covid-19.

September 21: All debts cancelled. If you get vaccinated for Covid-19 and Covid-21, all your debts will be cancelled.

New laws cancel all properties ownership and pass such properties to the government.

October 21: Introduction of Covid passports in data and card format, only those vaccinated and have Covid passport will be allowed to work or travel.

November: Covid-19 and Covid-21 vaccination becomes mandatory.

December: Covid passports changes name to Health Passport and become accepted as the normal way of life.

This is the calendar that some evil persons has put in place for you and for me, they are bent on forcing these agenda on our neck because they have excess money and they do not care anymore. They roll out out billions of dollars to do mischievous things under the watchful eyes of God.

But, i have a bigger surprise for them, the holy book says:

He frustrates the devices of the crafty, So that their hands cannot carry out their plans….Job5:12

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