Covid-19 Update: My Covid19 Experience In Ireland

Hey guys, I have decided to share my Covid19 experience for those who think that the pandemic is not real or it doesn’t affect Africans due to “strong” immune system. Please, it is very real.

It all started like a joke because I didn’t know I had Covid19 until it was confirmed after a test by the Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland.

One of my housemates was sick and I thought it was a regular sickness not knowing it was the “dreaded” Covid19. During that period of her sickness, I was helping to take care of her because I didn’t expect it was Covid19. I was just rendering help to a friend.

My friend later put a call to a GP (general practitioner) after she started noticing the symptoms. The GP told her to contact the HSE and she was asked to come for a test in Limerick city where we reside.

The result of her test came out two days after she went for it. She was asked to produce the contacts of those that she associated closely with in the past few days. All of us (the housemates) were asked to come for tests and that was when we found out we had Covid19. Mind you, all my housemates are Nigerians.

Watch the video below to hear my full experience:

Some of the Covid19 symptoms I had were migraine/strong headache, loss of smell, nose sensitivity, sneezing, dry throat, body pains. These were the major systems I had during that period which was in October.

Presently, I am definitely feeling good and no longer have Covid19 or any symptoms. I am way way better and even stronger than before because I really worked on myself. I took ginger, lemon and honey as a tea in order to boost my immune system to fight the sickness. I also drank lots of water and rested properly at home during that period as well.

I also did steam inhalation with peppermint oil and hot water. My housemates were taking concoction which comprised of ginger, garlic, turmeric, honey, in a bid to boost their immune systems. My housemates and I are way better and feeling good. We have fully recovered since November.

Try to be safe by sanitizing your hands, keeping social distance, wearing face masks, taking multivitamins whether local or foreign to boost your immune system, and rest properly.

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