Covid-19 in Africa: See how Shehu Sanni replied Bill Gates

See how Shehu Sanni replied Bill Gates for saying he wondered why Covid-19 in Africa is not rising in Africa irrespective of high expectation.

If you could remember vividly during the lockdown, there was something Bill gates predicted about covid-19 cases in Africa. According to him, he expects that the covid-19 cases in Africa, will be worse than the many white Nations.

And due to the lack of sophisticated Medical equipment in Africa, many people feared that, coronavirus cases will be very high in Africa. But all their speculations about Africa, didn’t come to pass. Africa recorded one of the lowest death rate, when compared to other continents.


Recently, Billionaire and owner of Microsoft Bill gates, said that he wondered why the Covid-19 cases (death rate) is not high in Africa. From what he said, the way he expected to be in Africa, was not the way it turn out to be in Africa. After the billionaire said those words, they were many mixed reactions from africans. Many people reacted angrily to what the Billionaire said, and they blasted him.

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Former kaduna Senator Shehu Sani, was also among those that reacted to what the Billionaire said. In his own Reaction, Shehu Sani gave the answer to why covid-19 cases are not increasing in Africa. From what Shehu Sani said, he said the answer to what Bill gates is asking is simple. Shehu said that, the reason is that, the Western world think of Africa as people living behind the rest of the world. And Africa is in the order of the Pandemic. Meaning Africa will be the last. Here is the screenshot of his tweet.

We just thank God that Africa is not experiencing a high rate covid-19 like the other continents. And Hopefully it will not rise above the current level.

Here are some reactions from what some of Shehu Sani followers said about his reaction:



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