Covid-19 Cases in Africa: Bill Gates disappointed by low cases

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After Bill Gates Said They Don’t Understand Why Covid-19 Cases in Africa are Low In Africa, Read What Senator Dino Melaye Said

The Senator has taken to his twitter account to send a direct message to Bill Gates after he said that the world doesn’t understand why Covid 19 cases are low in Africa.

If you could recall that barely 10 months ago, Bill Gates predicted that Coronavirus could hit Africa badly and he warned that the virus might kill millions of people, but he is very disappointed with Covid-19 Cases in Africa so far.

According to a report that was confirmed by THE CABLE, Bill Gates made it clear that they do not have enough data yet to understand why the numbers aren’t as high as he worried they would get.

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He made it clear that his prediction was wrong and he is happy that it turned out that way because his fear was that Covid 19 would run rampant in low income countries.

This report has attracted a lot of reactions from Nigerians, Senator Dino Melaye also commented on the report and he sent a strong message to Bill Gates, telling him to repent because he doesn’t understand God.

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Senator Dino Melaye posted the report that stated what Bill Gates said about the low Covid19 cases in Africa and said “this is because you don’t understand God, his ways are not your ways, Repent.”

Senator Melaye explained that they don’t understand why Covid 19 numbers in Africa are low because they don’t understand God, he urged Bill Gates to also repent.

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