Controversial Joe Rogan episodes ‘missing’ from Spotify and fans are fuming

There seem to be some episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience missing from its recent move to Spotify – including those with controversial conspiracy theorist Alex Jones – and it’s safe to say people are livid.

On Tuesday Rogan’s episodes were made available on the streaming platform, as part of a massive deal between the podcaster and Spotify for a rumoured $100million (£88m).

However, people have been all sorts of up in arms after many episodes considered to feature ‘right-wing’ guests haven’t made the migration, after it was said the back catalogue would move with Rogan.

The likes of far-right figures such as Owen Benjamin, Stefan Molyneux and Milo Yiannopoulos, and polarising conspiracy theorist Alex Jones – all of which often face intense backlash for their controversial comments on the show – appear to currently be missing from the line-up, with social media littered with angry, angry punters demanding their reinstatement, or else we suppose they riot at dawn.

Chris D’Elia’s appearances on the series also don’t seem to be part of the thousand-plus episodes now available on Spotify, after the comedian and actor released a statement in June denying ever ‘knowingly pursuing any underage women at any point’, following allegations.

Fans have now accused Spotify of ‘right-wing censorship’ for not including the various recordings, as they revolted on Twitter this week.

Grabbing a pitchfork, one wrote: ‘I recommend you boycott streaming @joerogan on Spotify for the plain and simple fact that LITERALLY removed all of the Alex Jones episodes and possibly others.’

Echoing the same sentiments of other enraged listeners, another added to the mix: ‘So @joerogan goes to @spotify for $100mil but the Alex Jones episodes are gone. Rogan sold out. What a shame. And shame on Spotify for the censorship. Even YouTube didn’t remove the shows featuring AJ.’

Meanwhile, others got comfy with some popcorn and watched the proverbial hit the fan.

‘Apparently, Joe Rogan’s show moved to Spotify permanently today and they removed the episodes with Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopoulus, Sargon, some of Joey Diaz & other right wingers from his back catalogue,’ someone wrote on Twitter. ‘His chud fanbase is melting down. Pretty funny to watch.’

However, hold your horses outraged punters, while Rogan is yet to address the claims himself, Jones spoke on the issue and insisted Rogan wasn’t being ‘censored’ by Spotify.

In a video, he claimed Rogan explained there were over 1500 files that needed to be moved over from YouTube, with the migration facing issues with corrupted files.

He also suggested there would be a ‘second rollout of episodes’ on Spotify, and that Rogan’s ‘favourite 100 episodes would remain on YouTube past the December 31 move date to Spotify’.

Jones said in a video posted to InfoWars: ‘Joe Rogan is in control on what goes on his show, and I’m just super excited about it. To see him as the number one media person in the world and to know that he’s having all these big diverse conversations is extremely exciting.

‘Joe is not being censored, he is the captain of his own ship. I’m very excited and I’m looking to come on his podcast again very soon.’

Well then.

Metro.co.uk contacted Spotify for comment.

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