Common Signs Your Body Shows You When Your Heart Is In Danger

What are the first signs of a heart attack in a person?

The heart is a muscular organ present in human beings. This vital organ is responsible for pumping blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. The pumped blood moves oxygen and nutrients to the body, while transporting metabolic waste like carbon dioxide to the lungs.

The heart just like the kidney and the liver organ can be affected by disease. When your heart is affected, the pumping of blood to vital parts of your body becomes disrupted. Find out time to read Causes of Poor Blood Flow to the Brain and 4 Types of Food to Avoid

Some of the diseases that affect the heart organ include:

• Valvular heart disease.

• Heart failure.

• Heart infections.

•Coronary artery disease.

• Arrhythmia.

• Aortic aneurysms.

While heart disease can cause death, it’s also preventable in many people. This is can be done by following healthy lifestyle habits, you can even live longer with a healthier heart. This can be achieved by ensuring that your diet contains the six classes of food, exercise regularly, limit your consumption of alcohol and reduce the number of cigarette you smoke.

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When your Kidney is affected by disease, certain signs and symptoms begin to show up in your body. Some of these signs include.

1. Nausea

People with heart disease can experience discomfort in the stomach which is usually accompanied by an urge to vomit.

2. Weakness or dizziness

Diseases such as heart attack, heart arrhythmia can lead to dizziness or weakness.

3. Heart palpitations

Heart palpitation refers to heartbeats that suddenly become more noticeable. When your heart palpitations becomes too frequent it can be an indication that you have heart disease.

4. Chest pain

When your heart is affected by disease you begin to experience pain in the center of your chest.

5. Shortness of breath.

People with heart disease such as coronary heart disease, heart failure and abnormal heart rhythms can experience breathlessness.

Once you notice any of these signs in your body, kindly visit your doctor for diagnosis and proper treatment.

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