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8 Must estimate business startup costs before you launch out

When I was looking round for a profitable home business opportunity, I considered many of the available offers, whether in local and national papers or on the internet. I randomly would succumb to the temptations, and lured by slick marketing I would dive into an opportunity. I think I must have been a marketing man’s dream because I used to believe in almost everything I read. Herein is how to estimate business startup costs before you launch out.

I did not really considered how much the business would cost me in terms of upfront finances, both start-up and ongoing as well as how much time it could take to stand. Are you a Nigerian who lives in Nigeria, check out these business ideas that Nigerians can easily do.

Over a number of years I have come to a conclusion on what I consider to be the main criteria to look for in a home business. These I would like to share with you so you could benefit from my past mistakes and experiences.

Please understand that with many of the key requirements is money, money that you pay up front to start a business opportunity. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not against the idea of putting my money where my mouth is and investing in a profitable home business opportunity. Every new business owner should be able to decide for themselves what kind of business they would like to build. They should have a good understanding of the basic requirements that make a good business, and which do not.

Having decided on the type of business that will determine what will be the start-up costs. For example, if someone wants to buy into a franchise, some of the more popular ones may require the new business owner to invest thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars, pounds or euro’s. For many people this is not an option.

There are some businesses that require the owner to purchase upfront stock. Sometimes they need to store the stock themselves. Of course, often the marketing will tell you that holding the stock will enable you to quickly respond to new customers. I do find it amusing visiting friends who have suddenly lost their garage space or bedroom due entering a once in a life time business opportunity. Yes it is once in a lifetime, as they will never do it again!

Some businesses require you to attend courses which are not always cheap. When I started in real estate, I spent thousands of pounds on courses and thousands more travelling to different places (often in the United States) to pick up key skills. Here are Lucrative part time business ideas for students in 2023

For other business, this may require the purchasing of additional computer hardware, computers, printers etc. In fact there are many potential costs which need to be considered.

For me, the overriding question was “what is the return on my investment”? In what time scale will I recover my investment?

I now specialize in forex trading. But again, when it comes to forex trading, I signed on the dotted line to attend a week-end course that cost me £2,000. Was this a good investment? Well from a learning point of view, it may appear to be. Two days of intensive knowledge transfer.

I ended up selecting a training programme that cost considerably less and provided me with up to 6 hours of trading opportunity listening and following the advice of experienced traders. No hype, no extravagant promises, but prospect to run my own home forex business and make money for the rest of my life from home, or anywhere in the world was too good an opportunity to miss. I have not looked back since.

For instance, Kaz Kowalski has been providing specialist project management support on a number of high profile projects in blue chip companies across a variety of industries including Banking, Information Technology and Telecommunications. This experience has proven valuable in evaluating various marketed income streams. Having been involved in a variety of home business opportunities, he strongly believes that running a Home Forex Business is the most satisfying and profitable means of achieving financial freedom.

When you’re preparing to launch a new company, you suddenly become more conscious of price tags than ever before. You may have mocked your old companies’ HR and Accounting departments for fussing over office supply and food purchases, but as an entrepreneur you’re likely feeling sticker shock at the costs of former freebies like post-it notes, legal pads, and coffee.

Being hyper-conscious of your spending, however, is a good thing – especially when you’re preparing to get your business off the ground. Don’t miss reading13 Best home based business Ideas for women anytime

“Startup costs” are the expenses incurred in a business before it even opens. Estimating startup costs is a critical aspect of creating a business plan. Unless you know how much money you need to open your doors – or to even get into a building with doors on it – you won’t have a chance at getting it.

And even if you do, it may not be long before you need more. Many entrepreneurs underestimate their startup costs when laying the groundwork for their companies, ultimately finding themselves underfunded early in the business lifecycle.

2 major business startup costs you must estimate before you launch out:

Estimating your startup costs realistically is key to a successful business launch. The two components of your startup costs are your startup assets and your startup expenses.

A. Business Startup Costs: Startup Assets

Your business assets are larger, longer-term items that you must have to operate your business. Assets encompass infrastructure purchases and “groundwork” necessities: the tables, desks, and chairs for your office; the oven for your pizza parlor; the inventory of candy on the shelves in your sweets Shoppe; the cash you need to have in the register on day one. Ultimately, an asset is something you could sell back, even at a loss, if your business were to fail.

B. Business Startup Costs: Startup Expenses

Your startup expenses include your one-off purchases of things you could never sell back: licenses; legal work; logo design, advertising and other marketing; site renovations; and more. Salaries are also considered expenses.

Business startup costs list:

1. Market research

Before you launch out your new business, market research is very necessary to determine current market conditions. You’ll need to gather data to inform your needs for product design, advertising, customer service, and more.

2. Advertising costs

To boost or promote your business either online or offline requires advertising, the costs of advertising will often vary according to method and location. Consider how much advertising you require and how you want to advertise. You can explore both digital and traditional marketing options. You may also need to pay for printed marketing materials, such as business cards, brochures, and signage. And here are 7 best mobile marketing Ideas to boost your business this year

3. Business Website

One very profitable and effective ways to promote your business is through setting up a business website of your own. In this case now, you will need to purchase a domain name and possibly pay for web design to launch your business. You may also require ongoing website maintenance. Now read how to setup a successful small business website

4. Rent or real estate

Equally important before you launch your business is considering whether your business needs an office or retail space or if it will operate remotely. Think about your current space needs and how that will change as your business grows. You may also consider a co-working space or if you require a dedicated space.

5. Equipment and supplies

There are some businesses that requires certain equipment before you start, This includes items such as office or retail furnishing, power generator, fridges computers, and machinery.

6. Business Utilities

The cost of utilities may vary according to your business location and type. Some businesses may require more electricity or internet subscription for their operations.

7. Licenses, permits, and fees

Depending on the type of your business, there may be different fee structures for businesses to legally register. Fees also vary by state. You may also need to pay for licenses and permits and their renewals. You should also consider business insurance, accounting fees, and lawyer fees.

8. Employee salaries

In the event that your new business needs one or more staff, you must put into considerations how much you’ll pay yourself and your employees. Will you hire for all of your needs, or contract out some work? Salaries will also vary according to the cost of living in your business location. Include the cost of recruiting and training.

Check with your accountant or attorney before getting started to make sure you log the correct items as assets and the correct items as expenses. You’ll want to get it right, since it will impact your taxes. Research the estimated cost of every asset and expense on your list and log them in a worksheet before ever making a purchase.

Profitable Home Business Ideas: Profitable home based business you can do in 2023

Logging projected prices is important, but it’s where many entrepreneurs, both new and experienced, get lazy. Armed with ballpark idea of how much staple items – say, chairs – will cost, and hindered by too little time to research their options, many a business owner will do some quick math to tally up a reasonable number. But when a hastily crafted estimate turns out to be thousands of dollars less than the real-life total, the money to cover the difference has to come from somewhere.

Business Startup Costs Final Words:

Once you have thorough, well researched estimates logged, add up your total assets needed plus startup expenses to determine your total requirements. That’s the amount you need to secure – via investor financing, loans, lines of credit, or other means – in order to take off. Read also Mobile marketing best 7 Ideas to boost your business 2023

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