Breast augmentation: Questions to ask before augmenting your breasts

Breast augmentation is sometimes referred to as a “breast aug” or “boob job” by patients, involves using breast implants or fat transfer to increase the size of their breasts. In this post today, i will be sharing with you What to Ask Before Breast Augmentation. Read also 12 Revolutionary Ways to Increase Penis Size Without Any Side Effects

Breast augmentations are popular. Every year more women investigate the possibilities for such an operation. It is also no longer taboo and it is sometimes even taken too easily. For example, women want to go back to work a day after the operation and are surprised when the prosthesis no longer fits so well. There are some things you just need to know before you let your body tinker. Here are a few important things:

Below are what you must find out before Breast augmentation:

Your first breast augmentation probably won’t be your last. Today, implant manufacturers claim that you get a lifetime warranty on the integrity of the implant. This is possible. But is this certain? How long have they been investigating this?

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For a lifetime? In any case, even if your implants can remain in place for the rest of your life, you should go to the plastic surgeon to have everything examined. After about ten years, it’s a good time to take a look at the state of breasts – er things. Is there a haircut? So should they be replaced? Have they changed shape after pregnancy or weight loss? There are so many things that can happen to your body. Just be careful and take the time to check.

It costs more than two thousand dollars

The prices of a breast augmentation vary enormously. This is because breast augmentation is not covered by the insured care and the price is therefore determined by the market. How is it possible that someone offers a breast augmentation so cheaply? This may have to do with the quality and safety in the clinic.

If you want to do everything neatly and carefully, you need staff, which costs money. The best equipment, solid implants and an experienced plastic surgeon also cost more than a recent graduate or even worse: a suspended doctor. In addition, you should always ask about any hidden costs. Is a sports bra included in the price? Do you have to pay for the anesthesia? And what about the stay?

After Breast augmentation, Take at least one week off

In general, most people take a week off from work.

1) You are not allowed to drive in the first week

2) It is unwise to start working with your arms immediately during recovery.

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Remember that you have had surgery and your body needs time to recover. Even if it doesn’t hurt. The implants have to fuse with the body so that they stay in place. This will get better if you take it easy. If your implant is placed under the muscle, you will experience more pain in the first period.

You can only partly determine your size.

During a consultation with the plastic surgeon you will discover that not everything is possible. Your breasts are carefully measured and based on the measurements you can choose an implant. Of course you can choose between a subtle or visible enlargement, but it is not safe to fill a small breast with 600cc in one go. Are you crazy! Then the skin tears and you get all kinds of misery. A good plastic surgeon will advise you to choose an implant that suits your body. Whether you choose a natural or unnatural result is up to you.

Lipo-filling instead of an implant is not possible for everyone

It sounds so nice: the process of removing your own fat somewhere to inject into the breasts is commonly called fat transfer augmentation. Unfortunately, this method only works for a few in practice. The point is: you have to remove fat from somewhere, of this fat only a small percentage of ‘usable fat’ remains and this is then injected. This new fat must be supplied with oxygen and that is a process that the body must regulate itself. In everyone, part of the injected fat is also broken down again. In principle you have to inject a lot to achieve a visible result.


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