Brain Food

5 Best Drinks for Clearing Brain Fog, According to Experts

Brain fog isn’t a medical term, it’s a catchall phrase for a constellation of uncomfortable and distressing symptoms that include…

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One Major Side Effect of Drinking Sugary Beverages, Says New Study

Not that you need to hear this again (or do you?): sugary drinks are damaging to children’s long-term health. As…

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One Way Going for More Brisk Walks Changes Your Body, Says New Study

We’ve known that going out for more daily constitutionals is as good for your brain as it is for the…

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Drinking This for Just 10 Days Can Improve Your Health, Says New Study

We know: it’s easy to overthink juice, with so much discussion about the amount of sugar in it. But a…

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7 Best Foods to Clean Up Your Diet Right Now, Say Dietitians

After months of lockdowns, gym closures, and food shortages, the desire to make 2021 a healthier year than the one…

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One Major Side Effect of Eating Turmeric, Says Science

The turmeric latte, also known as golden milk, has been on trend for the past couple of years for its…

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