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Boko Haram: Shakau Released First Video in English

As you all knows that Shekau is the leader of Nigerian terrorist call boko haram (Western education is forbidden) as Shekau proud in Islam that Boko haram is for bidden and English is the language that teachers use to teach Western education with it, suddenly Shekau speaking English in his newly released video, let here what Shekau said in his video,.

The first time I watch this video I start surprising how Shekau can speak English, is he didn’t know that the English is the language that he hated in his life and now he speaking with it.

what are you saying about Shekau speaking?

Let see some reaction from nigerians

A twitter user with name @yahyamuhdalamin said:

(Gaskiya shekau Arne ne, wai )“I pledge to Allah my worshiper, imagine making this blunder despite being silent for like 10 seconds, ya Kure adakar sa fah

Second man @okoroCollins11 said:

This is not funny at all, but you see this ‘particular’ Shekau ehhh… Na God go punish am with this him Allah my worshipper


He paused for 10secs to get the sentence well in his brain but nigga still said “my worshipper”

See More Reactions Below:

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