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Amazing benefits of having celebrities fashion blog

Social media has these days changed the face of the fashion industry in so many ways. This is especially true of fashion blogs. The past few years has seen the rise in power of fashion bloggers across the nations of the earth. These are ordinary people with an undying ‘passion for fashion styles’ who put into record their findings, photo styles and feelings about fashion in the digital diary format we all know as blogs.

Some of the fashion blog owners who have reached great heights with their readership and influence on the internet are being hired by industry leaders to review products and even model for their lines; and also to write editorial, visit shows for their brands.

The conversational tone of blogs makes it an ideal platform to talk about clothes, trends and accessories. Bloggers share their thoughts about fashion as they, and we all, experience it- in the morning, on the streets, in the movies and during an afternoon of shopping with girlfriends.

The wave of reality that is popularizing nearly every sector of the entertainment industry also applies to the fashion industry- it’s street style. Many fashion bloggers are out there snapping photos of the well dressed people they see on their way to work, school, or out with friends. They are engaging with people, consumers, in a way a lot of industry members have not been able to. This is what makes them a valuable resource to the industry.

Blogger content is not only relatable, it is updated regularly. This is a main point of differentiation from leading fashion magazines that only come out once a month.

Another benefit of digital platforms for the fashion industry is the ability to humanize brands. Fashion labels now set up Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles and YouTube channels where they can engage their followers and get to know them better. They can market new products, publicize new editorial and source user-generated content. User-generated content is exactly what it sounds like- content that has been created by fans and followers. This could be in the form of brands asking their users to post pictures of themselves wearing the label items on their website or social networking sites as a way to spread awareness and engage their audience.

By leveraging these platforms, fashion brands are not only getting to know their customers better but they are also getting them to do their marketing for them. People naturally talk about companies they like and recommend products they use to their friends. Online word-of-mouth marketing can spread brand messages like wildfire.

From bloggers, to YouTube videos, to user-generated content, the fashion industry has found a plethora of ways and channels to engage their customers online.

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Start a Career in Writing Fashion Blog

While you won’t start your career in the pages of a glossy magazine, if you are interested in fashion, you can write about it at any stage.

Fashion Blog: Start a Blog

The global search for fashion bloggers pulls up endless pages of Google search results these days. Many male and female celebrities now search online for their fashion stylist instead of going about the streets in search of one. In case you are a fashion freak, you can help drive swarms of traffic just by writing about fashion styles on the Internet through your own blog. So many popular bloggers you see these days online have diverted their attention other avenues, such as columns, ebooks, television and magazines.

Find a Niche

The key to having a successful fashion blog is finding a niche at which you can excel. People’s tastes when it comes to fashion styles are as individual as they are, and the same extends to their browsing blogosphere for their desired fashions. No one can possibly read all the blogs out there, so they’ll find bloggers with similar style sensibilities who can keep them up to date on what’s hot.

Start Local

Another option is to focus on your local market. In any mid-size and major city, there are plenty of local fashion designers and jewelry designers selling their stuff online, at artisan fairs or in local boutiques. They would love any media attention you can provide.

Do an Interview

Try writing a profile about a local designer. Find out how they got started in fashion and how they describe their style sensibility. After you do a few interviews, you’ll get used to it and it will become easy to ask the questions that will give you the information you need for an interesting article. If you have a good on-screen presence record a video of at least part of your interview. Most blogs are incorporating multi-media these days.

Pitch a Story

If you’re dying to see your name in print, focusing on local designers might make it happen. Pitch your stories to local papers and local lifestyle or tourism magazines. A small publication isn’t going to have a fashion writer on staff, so if you have work that would appeal to their readers, your chances of publication are better than they would be on other beats. You might also want to try college or university publications, though you probably won’t get paid.

Once you have a few published pieces or a significant online following, don’t be afraid to present your portfolio to one of those glossy magazines. You may be the fresh voice they’ve been seeking.

Below are amazing benefits of having a fashion blog:

celebrities fashion blog

1. Fashion blogs have been found to provide ROI that is far greater than many other forms of online marketing including salary per click.

2. Fashion blogs allow you to talk to customers in informal tones and relate to them in a way that may not be done by traditional websites.

3. This blog is updated regularly and so is a good way to follow trends in the fashion world that moves quickly.

4. In competitive markets such as fashion and with the current economic climate, you must be in front of the game and take advantage of every opportunity to maintain your competitors in front.

5. Provide interesting information and ideas for your prospective customers and will add credibility to your fashion site.

6. This will help to optimize your website by providing a lot of relevant and updated mode content regularly.

7. Fashion blogs will naturally contain many keywords that are relevant to your product that helps bring customers who want to buy your product to your website.

8. Fashion Blog is a good way to show off some of your products and provide more information about them and how they relate to the current trend.

9. Fashion blogs will help you build links and networks with the entire blogger fashion community. Good for increasing website traffic.

10. Fashion is about being here and following the latest trends. A blog shows that you are a company that thinks two minutes and progressing by utilizing the latest and most fashionable communication methods.

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