9 Things to consider before choosing your asoebi style

If you are getting married soon, have you selected the Asoebi for your ladies? If you have not picked what your ladies will wear on your big day, the time to do so has come. When it comes to picking the right Asoebi, we’ve numerous factors to consider. In this article, i will share 9 factors to consider before picking your asoebi style.

It is no longer in doubt that Asoebi has come a must- have for nearly all our marriages, especially in Nigeria and this fashion styles is never going down any time soon. It doesn’t count your lineage or religion when it comes to using Asoebi for your event, the significance of this outfit cannot be overemphasized.

Everyone who is organizing a traditional marriage ceremony or even Church wedding these days usually take time out to get the perfect Asoebi for the ladies that will be their escort, and as a result, they take time to pick the stylish Asoebi fabric and designs that suits the day.

 before choosing your asoebi style

We see these celebrants search endlessly online for their outfits. Looking beautiful is every African woman’s business, but looking stunning is the duty of every bridegroom.

No one wants to have a marriage that has poorly dressed people. It does not look good and in some cases might not augur well for the celebration. However, we’ve these tips for you, if you want to choose the right and perfect Asoebi for your big day.

Below are 9 important factors to consider before choosing your asoebi style:

1. Timing

This is one of the most important factors as you would not want to be dissatisfied in getting your Aso-ebi ready on time.

2. Visit Social Medias

Gone are the days when we had to go through fashion magazines at our knitters’ shops before chancing suitable asoebi styles. All you need these days is just a Smartphone and some mobile data. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have made it super easy to access thousands of asoebi styles for any event or occasion.

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As a matter of fact, hundreds of Facebook groups and Instagram accounts have been created for this purpose. These groups are devoted to showcasing different asoebi styles from each over Africa and beyond. A brief stint of one or further of similar Facebook groups or Instagram accounts can be veritably helpful when trying to elect an asoebi style for a marriage or event.


3. The Current Trends

Fashion is dynamic and constantly evolves with time. In fact, fashion trends are presently evolving at a faster rate than ever. Every time, there seems to be a reigning style. For a particular time period, off-shoulder covers and dresses were on top of the trend list.

Asoebi ladies all over Nigeria proudly rocks beautiful off-shoulder dresses and showed them off on Instagram. Without mistrustfulness, off-shoulder dresses are still veritably much on top of the trend list and they do not feel to be going out of style anytime soon. Ham-high gashes, ruffles, capes and numerous further have also outgunned the list of trending asoebi styles at some point in time and are still veritably important in vogue.

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Considering the rear-most fashion trends when choosing asoebi style doesn’t inescapably mean following the crowd. As a matter of fact, it isn’t judicious to simply copy asoebi styles without first considering whether or not they would look good on you.

Trends should be considered as a companion, commodity that could help us narrow down our endless list of ideas, not commodity we must follow. Having your own unique style is great, so you can choose to consider the rearmost trends or you could decide to put on your creative chapeau and produce commodity unique, whatever jewels your boat.

asoebi styles

4. Your Body Shape

Body shape is presumably one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an asoebi style. A gorgeous dress may look terrible on an individual if the style of the dress isn’t suitable for that existent’s body shape.

Also, an introductory dress may look regal if worn by someone with the right body shape. The significance of picking asoebi style that suits one’s body shape cannot be overemphasized. Generally, curvy women tend to go for styles that accentuate their angles while women with narrow hips tend to go for flare gowns and skirts.

Below are 5 most common body shapes of women:

party fashion

• Pear or triangle-curvy hips, thick shanks and a full bottom with lower midriff, bosoms and narrow shoulders.

• Cube- body fat is distributed generally in the tummy, buttocks, casket, and face. This overall fat distribution creates the typical sovereign (straight) shape.

• Sandglass-the hips and bust are nearly of equal size with a narrow midriff.

• Apple or round-wide torso, broad shoulders, and a full bust, midriff, and upper back.

• Inverted triangle-broad shoulders and large casket with narrower hips

5. Marriage Theme

The marriage theme should be at the reverse of the mind of a bridegroom who’s searching for an Asoebi fabric, color, and design. You don’t pick a contrary fabric color to your marriage theme. You should insure that the color you pick resonates with your marriage theme.

6. The Colors

Bear in mind that the color you go for defines your day. You should understand that some colors will always be in vogue. We’ve colors that shouldn’t be used during certain seasons. When picking your color, insure that they match and blend with your style. Don’t overwhelm your day with too numerous colors.

7. Tradition/ Culture

You’ll agree with that tradition and culture have a part to play in opting your Asoebi fabrics and styles; some traditions in Africa may not allow the ordinary person wearing certain fabrics which are considered sacred, and reserved for named men and women of that community.

You must understand that there’s a tradition that goes with every event. Culture has a big part in selecting your Asoebi. You would want to choose an Aso-ebi that goes with the artistic style and nature of your event.

8. Quality of the fabric

It is important that whenever you want to pick your Asoebi fashion style, you should consider the quality of the fabrics. For you to make your marriage spectacular and rich you have to pick a fabric that your guests will value and appreciate. You should get a fabric that will stand the test of time. Go for quality when picking your Asoebi fabric.

9. Cost of Fabrics

It’s important not dwell more on the precious fabrics if you’re on a tight budget unless you’re being patronized.

Always go for good quality fabric for your Asoebi. You don’t have to break a bank before you get the perfect fabric for your marriage. Avoid expensive fashion materials that no one would afford among your friends.

 before choosing your asoebi style

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