After Reading This You Will Never Throw Away The Rice Water Again

The following Chinese receipt that we are about to present to you will not only help you to have shiny hair and healthier skin but will bring you so much more health benefits.

This recipe is gaining its popularity around the globe with each passing day. In order to prepare this recipe you only need water and rice.


Maybe you have heard that rice-water is the water you are washing the rice in, but that is not true.

If you use that water you will not gain even half of the health benefits you will gain if you use the “real” rice-water. The “real” rice-water is obtained of the water you are boiling the rice in.

Rice-water preparation needs more water than the usual rice-cooking. You actually need the water in which rice was releasing its useful ingredients. You can either drink the water while it is warm or use it to wash your hair or face when it is cooled.

Rice-Water Health Benefits:

  • Provides energy
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Great when it comes to preventing cancer
  • Cures and prevents constipation
  • Prevents gastroenteritis
  • Rice-water cosmetic benefits:
  • Make your skin softer by washing it with rice-water
  • Make your hair healthier and shinier by washing it with rice-water
  • Use rice-water as tonic replacement
  • Rice-water assists your face’s closed pores




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