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Advantages of Increased Core Strength

The type of workout you undertake will depend on the results you desire, but no matter if you want big legs, a defined back or strong biceps, one type of exercise you should always incorporate into your workout is a core exercise. This is because your core underpins almost every other aspect of your physical fitness, as well as your overall health.

Core workouts can be challenging and are something many people gloss over because they don’t feel like they’re important, but given how many benefits they offer, it’s something you should definitely consider. You don’t need to go to a gym to do an effective core exercise, there are a range of home core workouts you can undertake – meaning there’s no excuse to neglect your core if you can’t get to the gym! Show your centre some love and you could reap the following rewards.

Healthy Back

Back pain is a common issue that can contribute to a range of further health issues, including reduced mobility and extended periods of aches and pain. This, in turn, can result in a loss of income due to having to take sick days, and this can have a huge knock-on effect on a person’s quality of life and lifestyle. The good news is, a lot of back issues can be prevented, and one of the ways they can be prevented is through core exercises. People who do suffer with back problems might be required to do a range of core exercises to ease their symptoms.


Good balance is paramount for staying fit and can help you in a range of sports such as golf, tennis, football and gymnastics. Core exercises help with improving balance greatly because they strengthen the muscles in and around the core. This benefits you in many ways, especially in later life as good balance makes you less likely to fall and injure yourself, and this reduces the risk of injury.


If there’s one thing that makes you look more confident, it’s excellent posture. This can not only make you look more authoritative, but it also reduces the risk of back ache, shoulder pain and neck pain. This is because bad posture and slouching puts pressure on your spine which can result in wear and tear, and that results in both pain and terrible posture. Simple exercises like planks, squats and other core workouts can greatly improve your posture in just a few weeks, and they require no equipment which makes them easy to incorporate into any exercise routine. Not only this, good posture has a bunch of other benefits, too, such as better digestion, so all the more reason to work on it.


There’s more to core exercises than just physical and postural benefits – better core strength and improved posture results in better breathing. When you’re hunched over due to a lack of central strength, your lungs can’t work at full capacity, and this means you can’t breathe deeply. Being able to maintain good posture and have your back straight and shoulders rolled back with ease brings with it the ability to inhale better, and this is a real positive for people who suffer from respiratory conditions.


A lot of people workout to help their health, but there are undeniable benefits to a person’s physique, too. Increasing core strength has one big benefit: it tightens the tummy. For some people, this is the ultimate goal. A tight tummy can create the illusion of abs and a generally more defined set of stomach muscles which is great for those undertaking exercise in order to get in shape. If you’re looking to improve the appearance your stomach area, ab workouts should always be complimented with core exercises in order to maximize the effectiveness.

Safe Core Exercises

Like all forms of exercise, it’s important that you do core workouts safely. Core exercises need to be done gently to start off with. Your core muscles surround your spinal cord which is extremely sensitive, and that makes it all the more important to take care before undertaking exercise around that area.

If you have an underlying health condition like heart problems or osteoporosis, or if you have existing back issues, you should consult with your GP before you commence exercise of any type to make sure it’s safe for you and won’t cause more harm than good.

Provide your fit and able, core exercises bring with them nothing but benefits, so make sure you include them in your workouts from now on!

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