Adult Film Star Adriana Chechik Says She Wants To Sleep With Several Fans At Once

A popular adult film star has revealed that she’d love to have sex with fans. Taking part in a Reddit AMA session, 29-year-old Adriana Chechik was asked whether she would ever consider hooking up with one of her supporters, and her answer pleasantly surprised many. Needless to say, there will be no shortage of people who will happily come forward to volunteer for the task!

Chechik is a bit of a legend in her field. She started out working as a stripper but launched herself into the porn scene back in 2013 and has made tons of erotic movies since then. In fact, she’s so popular that she’s won 16 awards for her efforts (though I’ll spare you the categories she’s won for as they’re a bit too naughty) and had 54 nominations over the years.

She has no shortage of fans, that’s for sure. Chechik has more than 3.2 million followers on Instagram and plenty of people subscribe to her OnlyFans page as well. In other words, there are plenty of people who find Chechik irresistible. It’s no wonder people want to know if they have a chance in hell in getting her into bed.

She’s hoping to sleep with multiple fans in the coming months. During the AMA, Chechik was asked “have you or would you ever bang a fan?” to which she responded: “A fan gangbang is on my 3 month radar!” That’s right, she’s not just going to sleep with one but several fans!

Chechik did have some other interesting things to say. While a lot of the questions people asked her were pretty R-rated, she did talk about some really interesting things as well like how the porn industry has developed over the years and how platforms like OnlyFans have impacted the scene. If you’d like to read the full thing, you can do so here.

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