9 Ways To Stop Your Breath From Stinking When You Don’t Have A Toothbrush

Have you ever faced a situation in which just after opening your mouth the listeners take their step back? It can be because of foul smell coming out of your mouth. All this can embarrass you. For defusing your bad breath, you can use a number of ways. Always carry a mini-toothpaste and travel toothpaste with you. But what will you do if you don’t have a toothbrush? Now I am going to tell you 9 ways to stop your breath from stinking when you don’t have a toothbrush.

1. Take mints or sugar-free gum For providing a temporary solution these can help a lot. These do not kill the bacteria that produce foul smell. But before brushing, these give you a fresh breath for some time. It is necessary for these to be sugar-free. If these will contain sugar then for feeding on that sugar some oral bacteria can be born and a byproduct in the form of acid will get created. Your tooth enamel will have a negative effect because of this. As a result, your breath can become sour.

2. Eat fruits In your mouth, inhibiting the activity of bacteria is possible with the natural sugars present in fruits. For instance, polyphenols are present in apples. From the mouth, eliminating the sulfur compounds and suppressing the bacteria is possible with this. In order to stop the proliferation of the bacteria by creating an acidic environment, eating grapefruit, oranges and strawberries will be a good idea. A lot of vitamin C is present in these fruits.

3. Scrape your tongue If you do not have a tongue scraper then you need not to worry. By using a number of tools, you can freshen your mouth. A spoon is an example of that kind of tool. Basically, the removal of bacteria from the tongue is the purpose of scraping. Use a spoon if you don’t have a tool for scraping. By holding the spoon upside down and running it on the tongue lightly you can swipe the bacteria. After this you have to rinse your mouth.

4. Drink water By drinking water you can prevent bad smell coming out of your mouth. It is because when your mouth becomes dry, thriving of the anaerobic bacteria in the mouth takes place. Because of this, a foul smell starts coming out of your mouth. For rebalancing the environment of your mouth water helps a lot. Along with this the food particles that stick in your teeth can get swished out by drinking water.

5. Eat yogurt The oral bacteria in your mouth produce hydrogen sulfide. For reducing this hydrogen sulfide and competing with the bacteria, the unsweetened yogurt helps a lot. A halitosis component is hydrogen sulfide. A smell of fermented cabbage or rotten eggs comes out if we mix methyl mercaptan with hydrogen sulfide.

6. Avoid tobacco products and quit smoking Bad breath starts coming out of your mouth if you smoke a lot. So, it will be good for you to quit smoking. Your mouth becomes dry after taking tobacco. As a result, a foul smell starts coming out of your mouth. So, avoid tobacco products.

7. Rinse your mouth The bad breath occurs because of dental problems. It is not possible to cure the odor with mouth rinse. But for masking the bad smell of mouth, rinse can help a lot. Add some peppermint oil drops in water and rinse your mouth with it. By using green tea and black tea also you can rinse your mouth. Mouth odor occurs because of bacteria. Research suggests that if for suppressing the growth of these bacteria you will use green tea or black tea and rinse your mouth then it is very helpful to you.

8. Eat apple, stick of celery or carrot Apple, celery and carrot are crunchy and when you eat these then a lot of saliva gets produced. This helps in avoiding bad breath because from the gums, tongue and teeth the bacteria responsible for bad mouth odor will get washed away with the saliva.

9. Visit a dentist By visiting a dentist nearby you can maintain your good oral hygiene. He will help you in curing the problem of bad breath. He examines you properly. It is possible that an internal infection is the cause of bad breath. In that case he will suggest you visit a physician.


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