Top 10 health benefits of consuming garlic

Garlic has a kind of onion-like bulb that has been used as flavor for food for over a hundred years now. From the reports of researchers, garlic has been found to possess some amazing health benefits to the human body. Therefore, I will be sharing with you in this article, the amazing benefits of consuming garlic.

Garlic also known as Allium sativum L. is from the lily family, and its medicinal use to mankind dates back to 4000 BC. It has been found to grow well in nearly every climate, and as such, it is known throughout the world. It was reported that the founder of western medicine, Hippocrates used garlic in treating some cancer patients. The Egyptians in ancient time valued garlic as a general health tonic, they also sometimes even used it as currency.

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During the WW II, garlic was used as one of the most effective alternative for antibiotics. Later in the middle ages, garlic was also used an effective treatment for victims of the plaque.

Since I moved to a tropical climate region, I have noticed that I have developed a huge appetite for raw garlic. I have been enjoying garlic in my raw food dishes and have used it medicinally to cure some infections. I have always found myself eating a few cloves of raw garlic minimum least twice a week.

When I discovered I have developed this unexpected craving for Garlic, I became curious and began to make some researches, from my researches, I discovered that raw garlic as it were has powerful medicinal properties with some great health benefits.

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The Medicinal Properties of Garlic

Garlic has been found to be very high in sulfur, which accounts for some of its medicinal abilities; and the stronger the taste of the garlic, the higher the sulfur content and most beneficial for your overall wellbeing. Diallyl Sulphides, which increase blood circulation, and Allicin, an anti-biotic, and anti-fungal compound are two other medicinally potent compounds found in garlic.

In general terms raw garlic is:

• A broad spectrum anti-biotic
• Highly Anti-fungal
• Highly Anti-bacterial
• Highly Anti-parasitical
• High in antioxidants

Below are the top health benefits of garlic:

Now, let’s begin looking at the amazing health benefits of this amazing plant bulb called garlic:

1. Prevents blood clots from forming

Platelets plays major role in the human body system, they are those cell fragments that forms blood clots, for instance, when a person gets a cut or a bruise, these blood cells called platelets comes together to prevent further bleeding. The Platelets are very vital in humans; however, they can also cause blood clots to form in the arteries. Garlic potency prevents platelets from forming blood clots in the arteries, and also helps the human body break up existing blood clots.

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2. Reduces cholesterol level

It has been confirmed that 40 percent of the adult population are affected by high cholesterol level. There are two different forms of cholesterol, and they are high-density lipoprotein and low-density liprotein. Low-density lipoprotein causes plaque to build up in the human arteries; while high-density lipoprotein helps keep the arteries clean. Garlic has been proven to reduce LDL by 20 percent, and can also help raise HDL slightly.

3. Reduces free radicals in the body

The human body harbors some compounds known as free radicals. When these compounds get accumulated in the body, some health challenges can occur. The antioxidant property in Garlic reacts to reduce the number of free radicals in the human body which slows down the process of aging.

4. Reduces inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s response to a harmful stimulus; though inflammation plays a major role in helping the body fight infections, however, when this problem becomes chronic, it can cause challenges such as heart disease, cancer and depression. Good news! Garlic helps reduce inflammation.

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5. Prevents bacterial infections

Garlic is a natural antibiotic which has been proven to fight off most common types of bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli and Staphylococcus. Health scientist has discovered that the human body can become resistant to antibiotics if he takes them for a long period of time. But, it has never been proven that the human body can become resistant to garlic.

6. Supports the immune system

Garlic is very effective in preventing bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Garlic has been confirmed to boost the immune system because it is rich in nutrients that help support immune system health which are vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium and selenium.

7. Lowers blood pressure

Research shows that approximately 25 percent of adults are affected by high blood pressure. A condition if not well treated, can result in heart attacks and stroke. This is where Garlic comes handy because one of the primary health benefits of garlic is in this area as studies have shown that people who take garlic supplement reduces their blood pressure by up to five percent. In addition, garlic supplements have been proven to reduce a person’s risk of having stroke by 40 percent.

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8. Prevents cancer

It is estimated that at some point in their life, 50 percent of men and 30 percent of women will develop cancer. Isn’t this an alarming statistic, the good news is that garlic can help prevent cancer. It has been proven that you can reduce your risk of developing all types of cancer by consuming garlic at least twice a week. Health experts believe that garlic is capable of preventing cancerous cells from growing in the human body.

9. Treats diabetes

As it were, Diabetes is a chronic health condition that is caused by a long periods of elevated blood sugar. But insulin is the hormone which is responsible for regulating blood sugar level. Diabetes occurs when the body can no longer make or respond to insulin. At this point, Garlic helps arrest diabetes by helping the body produce more insulin.

10. Manages obesity

Obesity is a major health crisis that affects over 30 percent of the American population. There was a clinical study done on rats that measured garlic’s effect on weight gain. All of the rats were fed a high-sugar diet, but half of them were given garlic. The results of the study were that the rats who were fed garlic gained less weight. Researchers believe that garlic can have this same effect on humans.

Garlic is powerful that it can reduce the chances of numerous health challenges and improve your overall well-being. I make bold to advice everyone to add garlic supplement to their meals. Don’t miss reading 15 Habits That Keep Ladies Still Beautiful, Hot In Their 40s


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