Lemon grass side effects that is not healthy for these 5 categories of persons

Lemon grass has numerous health/nutritional benefits. Accordingly to WebMd, lemon grass also contains substances that are thought to alleviate pain and swelling, reduce fever, improve levels of sugar, and stimulate the uterus and menorrhea. However, there are some lemon grass side effects that is not healthy for some categories of persons as explained in this post.

Lemon grass also has antioxidant properties. However, despite its health benefits, there are still certain groups of individuals that aren’t meant to consume lemon grass or, lemon grass tea due to the health implication it can cause for them.

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Below are 5 persons lemon grass side effects is not healthy for:

1. Pregnant Women

Women who are pregnant are advised to not eat lemon grass or lemon grass tea due to, the consequences it could wear their unborn child.

Lemon grass contains some properties which will cause the unborn child to develop certain birth defects.

2. Lemon grass side effects: People Taking Diuretic Medications

Diuretics are a sort of medication that are prescribed to people that have certain medical conditions like; coronary failure, liver failure etc.

One the advantages of lemon grass are that’s acts as a diuretic. This suggests that, consuming lemon grass additionally to taking diuretics may result in an overdose which is dangerous.

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3. People Treating Cancer with Chemotherapy

There are situations when certain strong medications are introduced into the body to kill the cancer cells. One among such method of cancer treatment is chemotherapy.

People who are undergoing chemotherapy shouldn’t consume lemon grass because; it’s believed that, lemon grass may interfere with the chemotherapeutic agents which are bad.

4. Lemon grass side effects: People that Have Low pulse

According to Health line, lemon grass may help to scale back high systolic vital sign. Studies also show that, people that consumed lemon grass or lemon grass tea experienced a drop by their systolic vital sign.

Therefore, people that have already got low pulse should refrain from consuming lemon grass because; it could lead on to a potentially deadly drop by their pulse.

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5. People that Have Low Potassium Levels

Potassium may be a mineral that’s essential to the body. Low potassium can cause certain problems. Low potassium levels are often caused by variety of things one among which is that the use of diuretics.

It is believed that, lemon grass has diuretic properties which make it bad for people that have low potassium levels.

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