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19 Best Online Math Tutor Jobs to Teach Math & Get Paid

Well, you’re not alone. With the COVID crisis still going on, teachers are having a hard time finding full-time or even part-time summer jobs for teachers.

Luckily, there are plenty of math tutoring jobs available online.

Whether it’s college students or K-12 students, there are tons of sites out there that will pay you to teach math to students.

In today’s post, I’ll give you a list of sites that pay you to teach math, as well as some other places where you can find math tutoring work.

Teach Math Online & Get Paid

Here are the best online math tutoring jobs where you can make money teaching math.

1. is a website where students can get tutoring in a variety of subjects, including math.

It’s looking for math teachers particularly in these subjects:

  • Calculus
  • Discrete Math
  • Finite Math
  • Statistics and College Level Statistics
  • Pre-Calculus
  • And more!’s tutors are:

  • Teachers and retired teachers
  • Adjuncts
  • Professors
  • PhD students
  • Industry professionals
  • College and graduate students
  • Math professionals/experts
  • Science professionals/experts
  • Computer science experts

Now to be accepted as one of the site’s tutors, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

  • Currently reside in the U.S.
  • Have a valid Social Security Number.
  • Be eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Be an expert in math.
  • Be available to tutor a minimum of five hours a week
  • Be a college sophomore or higher or have a degree from an accredited U.S. or Canadian University.
  • Have strong verbal and written communication skills, and fluency in the English language.

You’ll be paid a set amount per hour. Since the site’s tutors can teach subjects other than math, this rate depends on the subject you teach. There are even incentives on offer for high-quality tutoring.

You’ll be provided with more information about the site’s pay structure after you have successfully completed the initial application and subject exam phase of the application process.

According to reports from the site’s students on Glassdoor, pays $12 an hour.

2. Yup

Yup is an on-demand math tutoring app. It’s specifically designed for students who need tutoring in math – meaning it’s the perfect place to look for work as a math tutor.

Yup offers tutoring in the following subjects:

  • Early math
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Probability
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus AB

If a student requires help with math, they can just take a photo of a problem and connect to a tutor for one-to-one support.

The whole tutoring process takes place on the student’s phone, and you as the tutor work from your desktop through Yup’s web platform.

What’s good about Yup is that it allows you to work when you want to, which is awesome.

The application process includes a few different factors, which are a:

  • Written application
  • Math proficiency exam
  • Teaching exam, which is designed to mimic a tutoring session.

Yup pays you monthly via direct deposit or right to your PayPal account. The pay rate for tutors isn’t listed on the site though, unfortunately. You’ll receive more information about pay rate once you’ve applied to be one of the app’s tutors.

3. Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors provides online math tutoring in a range of subjects, like:

  • Algebra
  • Basic Math
  • Advanced College Math
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Calculus
  • Business Math

The site actually has 1000s of subjects you can tutor in.

The site offers flexible math tutoring work that you can easily fit in around your current commitments.

And Chegg Tutors says that it’s top tutors make more than $1,000 a month.

Pay starts at $20 an hour, which is pretty good.

What’s also great about the site is that you can tutor all student levels, like:

  • Middle and High School
  • College
  • Professionals

If you want to be a tutor at Chegg Tutors, you’ll need to provide any two of the following:

  • Photograph of your diploma.
  • Student identification card.
  • Scanned copies of your official or unofficial transcripts
  • National Student Clearinghouse enrollment verification.
  • Letter of college acceptance, or your enrollment verification from your university registrar.
  • Teaching or tutoring certification
  • Any other documents that verify you’ve once been enrolled in a university for four years, or that you are currently enrolled in a university.
  • Screenshot of your college’s student portal homepage, with your student ID and full name visible.

Not only that, but you may also need to take a test to see how proficient you are in math.

There’s also the option to submit a short video along with your application where you introduce yourself and explain why you’re qualified to teach math. But this is not mandatory.

What’s good about Chegg Tutors is that it pays you weekly!

4. Aim-for-A Tutoring

Aim-for-A Tutoring is a website where you can find part-time and full-time math tutoring jobs.

If you’re looking for part-time math tutoring work, you may want to give the site a try.

You’ll need to have a computer with an internet connection to get started.

Tutoring is done online using audio and data conferencing.

You can tutor lots of subjects through the site, including math of course, and you can teach a variety of student levels, such as:

  • Elementary
  • Middle school
  • High school
  • College level
  • Homework help
  • Preparation for standardized tests, such as GED, PSAT, SAT, GRE, and GMAT.

To be eligible for a tutoring position at Aim-For-A Tutoring, you need to have the following:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in the subject you plan to teach – so a math or math-related degree.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Some teaching experience.
  • The ability to tutor at times that suit the time zones of students in Europe, North America, or Australia.

While payment for tutors isn’t listed on the site, you can send your expected pay rate along with your application.


Next on the list we have This website offers math tutoring and homework help.

It offers math tutoring in a range of subjects, such as:

  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Precalculus
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Trigonometry
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Business Math
  • Elementary/Middle School Math

As one of the site’s tutors, you offer live, one-on-one tutoring services online for all grade levels. You’ll teach students via web camera in the site’s virtual online platform.

Students can request instant homework help, or they can choose to schedule a tutoring session at a minimum of 60 minutes a session or up to two hours.

6. Smarthinking (Pearson)

Next on our list, we have Smarthinking (Pearson).

This company provides tutoring in a number of different subjects, including math.

The site’s looking to work with:

  • Faculty
  • Graduate students
  • Professionals
  • Retirees

You can find part-time work tutoring math online with Smarthinking.

If you want to be a tutor with the company, then you need to have at least one of the following:

  • A master’s
  • PhD
  • Or other advanced certification.

That’s not all though. You will also need several years of teaching/tutoring experience.

7. Manhattan Prep

If you’re looking for online math tutor jobs that pay well, then look no further than Manhattan Prep.

With rates of $106 to $116 an hour and end of year bonuses, it’s one of the best paying tutoring companies out there.

Aside from the high pay rate, the website also offers a lot of flexibility. You can set your own schedule and work as little as three hours per week if you want to.

Not only that, but you can also use and modify the site’s curriculum as you see fit.

Just browse job openings on the site and see the requirements for becoming a tutor with the company.

Since it’s a test preparation company, Manhattan Prep provides things like:

  • GMAT private tutoring
  • GRE private tutoring
  • GRE prep tutoring

So, there are jobs available to people looking to tutor math.

8. TutorMe

TutorMe is a platform where you can teach as little or as much as you want to.

The website provides tutoring in more than 300 different subjects, which is awesome!

And, this, of course, includes math.

You can tutor in a variety of math-related subjects, such as:

  • Algebra
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Basic Math
  • Calculus
  • Differential Equations
  • Discrete Math
  • Geometry
  • Linear Algebra
  • Linear Programming
  • Number Theory
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Set Theory
  • Statistics
  • Trigonometry

In order to work with the site, you’ll need to provide information, like your education and work experience when you apply.

Students can message you directly or the site can match them with you, which is awesome.

As a tutor at TutorMe, you’re paid $16 an hour, plus bonuses. Payment is sent weekly, which is great.

9. Wyzant

Wyzant connects tutors with students who need one-to-one tutoring. What’s good about this website is that you can choose your students and set your own schedule. So that’s pretty great.

That’s not all though.

The website also allows you to set your own pay rate. That’s always a good thing as it gives you more control over what you earn. You can even set up a direct deposit and get quick and secure payments.

You list your services on Wyzant and then build and manage your own tutoring business. So this site works a little differently to the others on this list.

You can tutor more than 250 subjects and test prep on the site.

Wyzant allows students to schedule tutoring in-person and online, meaning you can find plenty of online tutoring work through the site.

You can create a profile on there for free, which includes photos, videos, student reviews and more. Students can then review your profile and choose to hire you.

Just create your profile and students will contact you.

Wyzant says that its top tutors earn $50,000 a year!

The website will charge your students for your services and then deposit payment directly into your bank account.

According to reports from the site’s tutors on Glassdoor, they earn $36 an hour on average. But they can earn anywhere from $16 to $81 an hour!

10. Brainfuse Online Tutoring

Next, we have Brainfuse Online Tutoring. This website hires math tutors to teach a variety of subjects online, such as:

  • Basic math
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Linear algebra

If you want to tutor with the company, then you need to:

  • Reside in the United States
  • Have a master’s degree or higher
  • Have prior teaching or tutoring experience
  • Submit to a background check

The selection and training process is pretty extensive, including a background check, reference checks, multiple screening interviews, skills testing, and extensive preparation.

11. StudyPoint

StudyPoint provides math tutoring, SAT tutoring, ACT tutoring and more.

You can tutor K-12 students one-on-one in math.

You get paired with a student for a long-term assignment, rather than just a session or two.

You can schedule sessions that suit you and your students.

In order to tutor with StudyPoint, you need:

  • A minimum of two years of teaching or tutoring experience.
  • At least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university.
  • Either a composite 28 on the ACT or a 650 on SAT Math and SAT Verbal/CR.

That’s not all though. You also need to have at least six hours of available time for tutoring students, and you’ll also be asked whether you’re free on weeknights and weekends.

According to reports on Glassdoor from the site’s tutors, they earn $26 an hour.

12. Skooli

Skooli hires math tutors to teach a variety of subjects, like:

  • Calculus
  • Algebra
  • Statistics

What’s great about the site is that it allows you to set your own schedule. You can accept sessions when you want to. All you need to do is login and be online when you’re free to accept instant sessions.

In order to qualify as a tutor with Skooli, you need to have at least one of the following:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in related field.
  • Government issued teaching license.
  • Specialized instructor qualification, like mathematics certifications.

That’s not all though. You also need to get a clear national level criminal reference check.

Set your availability, double check your bio and profile picture, and list your teachable subjects on your profile to get started.

Then to get work you can simply go online and accept instant help requests and start tutoring students one-on-one in the Skooli Online Classroom.

As one of the site’s tutors, you’ll earn $25 an hour.

13. PrepNow

PrepNow is another website where you can find online math tutor jobs.

In order to teach on the site, you must have:

  • At least two years of teaching or tutoring experience.
  • Either a composite 28 on the ACT or a 650 on the SAT Math and SAT Verbal/CR.
  • At least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university.
  • To be available on weeknights and weekends.
  • To be have a minimum of six hours of available time for tutoring.

Once you’re trained as a PreNow tutor, you will be able to schedule tutoring sessions with students.

According to reports on Glassdoor from the site’s tutors, PrepNow pays $15 to $20 an hour.

14. Preply

Preply is a website that brings together tutors who’re looking to teach online with students who are seeking online tutoring.

You can create a profile on the website, and this becomes visible to students in the search results. You can even get a custom domain to promote your services online as well.

Students can see your profile and choose to book lessons with you. Or you can just apply for offers posted by students on the site.

Preply claims that its most popular tutors earn up to $550 a week.

What’s great about the site is that you can set your own rates, giving you more control over your income.

You get paid to your bank account or any other wallet of your choosing.

My concern with Preply is that it says, “Preply takes a 100% commission fee of your first lesson payment with every new student.”

This is essentially saying that for every new student you tutor, you have to teach the first lesson for free. I don’t think that’s particularly fair. I think if you work, you should be paid for it.

I’d guess that the reason for the 100% commission rate you pay when teaching new students is charged because Preply wants to keep one tutor working with the same student. But it still doesn’t seem fair to tutors.

That’s why Preply appears lower on our list.

For all subsequent lessons, the commission rate you pay to the site varies from 18% to 33%.

How much commission you pay depends on the number of completed lesson hours with students.

The site says the more tutoring you do, the less commission you pay.

Other Places to Find Online Math Teaching Jobs

Above, I’ve given you lots of websites that pay you to teach math. These aren’t the only places you can find math tutoring work.

There are many other reputable and trustworthy sites where you can find online teaching jobs as well.

The sites below feature job listings for tutors. You can browse these and apply for the ones that interest you.

It’s worth having a browse of these sites if you want to find math tutoring work.

15. Indeed

Indeed is a super popular job website. You can actually find online jobs on Indeed too. You can find jobs that pay you to teach English, Biology, Computer Science Zoology, and 1000s more!

At the time of writing, there were almost 1,500 online math tutor jobs listed on Indeed.

What’s good about Indeed is that you can set up a job alert. Just enter your email address on the site, and you’ll get new jobs sent right to your inbox.

16. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is another website you should visit to find online math tutor jobs.

Like Indeed, it’s another popular job search platform that also lists some online jobs. At the time of writing, there were more than 700 online math tutor jobs listed on SimplyHired. It’s definitely worth having a quick search of the site to find math tutoring work.

17. UpWork

UpWork is a freelance website where clients list work. You can apply for freelance jobs on the platform. UpWork features some online math teaching jobs. So have a browse on there if you’re looking to find freelance work.

There are also many other sites like UpWork that you can use to find more tutoring jobs.

18. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is a website where you can find remote, freelance, and other online work. The website features a variety of tutoring jobs. Have a browse and see if you can find a job opportunity that suits you. Read my Flexjobs review for tips on how to find the job you are looking for quickly and easily.

19. Jooble

Jooble is a website that gathers jobs from around the internet and puts them all in one place. There are more than 1 million jobs listed on there at the time of writing.

This website not only features jobs in the U.S. but also international ones too.

At the time of writing, there were more than 115,000 online math tutor jobs featured on Jooble.

What’s great about the site, aside from the fact that it saves you time when you’re searching for jobs, is that you can sign up for job alerts. You’ll receive new job offers from more than 70,000 websites!

How to Become an Online Math Tutor?

Each place has its own criteria that applicants have to meet.

This means that one website may require you to have a master’s degree and another may want you to have only a bachelor’s degree.

Other sites ask for experience and some don’t.

For the most part, you’ll need proficiency in math and a degree. A degree is not required for all jobs though.

Some websites offer jobs to people who don’t yet have a degree, but are currently enrolled in a degree program.

It’s important to read the requirements for a specific website before you apply.

If you don’t have a degree, I’d recommend looking on freelance sites and job sites where you can list your services. On there, you’re more likely to find tutoring work that doesn’t require you to have a degree.

How Much Does Being an Online Math Teacher Pay?

As you saw with the numbers I listed above, pay varies from place to place.

Some sites pay higher than others.

So giving an exact income figure can be tough.

That being said, let’s take a look at the income reports on PayScale from online tutors.

According to figures listed on there, online tutors earn $19 an hour on average.

But, pay can range anywhere from $15 to $20 an hour.

Now, you saw above that some of the websites I mentioned, like Manhattan Prep for example, pay far more than $20 an hour.

So it really does depend on the website you’re working for. There’s no reason you can’t make a part-time or even a full-time income from teaching math online.

Happy Teaching!

With so many online math tutor jobs out there, there’s no reason you can’t start picking up work and making money right from your own home.

Working from home is awesome, as is teaching a subject you’re knowledgeable about.

If you’re thinking about teaching math online, go for it and give the websites above a try!

Let us know about your experience with online math tutor jobs in the comments section below.

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