13 Things men do that make them unattractive to women

Every woman prays to marry the right man, one who can take care of her. However, there are certain things women look out for in men, when these things are not there he becomes unattractive. This is why men need to be more careful around women so they do not do things that can make them unattractive. Dear men, here are 5 things that can make you unattractive to women. Find out 10 Things You Need To Know About Dating A Younger Guy

Below are 13 Things men do that make them unattractive to women:

1. Poor dressing

Women love men who have a good dress sense. It is often said that the way we dress is how we will be addressed. The first thing people notice about us is our dress sense and women are no exception. A man who dresses well will easily earn the respect of any woman he approaches, but a man who doesn’t dress well will be looked down on.

2. Wearing feminine accessories

A man who puts on earrings and leaves his hair unkempt will hardly attract any sensible woman. Women look for husband material not just boyfriend material and when the outward look of a man is nothing to write home about then there’s a problem.

3. Being aggressive/bossy

A guy who’s helpful in a stressful situation, like when you’re working on a hard project or trying to build the desk your parents bought you, is a keeper. But when a guy thinks he knows best and it’s his way or the highway — that makes us throw up in our mouths a little.

4. Feeling unsecured

Most of the offenses on this list are usually side effects of just being plain old insecure. At the end of the day, absolutely nothing is hotter than a guy who’s confident in himself. If he can drop the act and just be his confident, hot self, he’s pretty much in business!

5. Being too clingy and needy

This might sound like old advice but you’d be surprised at how many men turn from aloof and devil-may-care to ‘I need to hear from you every three hours or I may die’ needy and clingy after just a couple of dates. Or even before asking her out. Keep yourself busy, focus on developing your passions and simple give her time to miss you. Being always available for her is a real turn off.

6. Being a mummy’s boy

There’s nothing less attractive than a 30+ year old man that looks to his mum for approval on his choices in women, underwear and everything in between. Just doesn’t be that kind of guy. Women don’t want to be with that guy.

7. Complaining about your ex

I don’t care if your ex was a lying, cheating, gold-digging, best-friend-banging medusa, saying negative things about her constantly is only going to make women a) think that you’re not over her, or b) worry that they’re going to end up being talked about in such a way somewhere in the future. Mentioning that you are still into your ex won’t help you either!

8. Lack of foreplay in the bedroom

Here’s the thing, us men can go from 0-60 in three seconds, but a woman’s engine takes far longer to heat up. So if you don’t spend enough time with foreplay in the bedroom she’s going to end up frustrated, bored and irreversibly turned off.

9. Anger

A man who gets easily angry will chase women away from himself. When a man is easily angry, it becomes difficult to express yourself to him and as a result he becomes unattractive.

10. Flirting with women

Every woman who truly loves a man is jealous when she sees him with women. A man who makes every woman his friend is always unattractive to women. When a man develops the habit of hugging, touching and playing with every girl he meets not minding how his partner will feel, he becomes unattractive to her.

11. Talkativeness

A man who says everything he hears will be unattractive to women as he cannot keep a secret. Women like men they can trust but when a man talks too much, they cannot trust him and so he becomes unattractive.

12. Not having a sense of humor

A guy walks into a bar… fumbles a joke, and leaves alone. Are you worried if he likes you or not, worry no more, read How To Know If He Likes You After A First Date

A study by researchers at the University of California at San Diego found that not being funny — and even having just an average sense of humor — was less attractive than having a great sense of humor.

The study also found that gender didn’t play a role — a poor sense of humor was equally unattractive in men and women.

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According to a 2015 study in which men were introduced to women for the first time, the more often they laughed at each other’s jokes (or better yet, laughed together) the more attracted they were.

13. Laziness

The results of a series of experiments published by researchers at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and the State University of New York at Binghamton in 2004 found that perceived attractiveness can be correlated with traits like helpfulness.

In one experiment, researchers asked students in a six-week archaeology course to rate each other on different personality traits, as well as attractiveness. They did so at the start and end of the course.

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When researchers analyzed the results, they found that even students who’d been rated average at the beginning of the course were rated less attractive than average later on if their classmates saw them as lazy (for example, uncooperative and not hardworking).

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