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12 Basic electronic gadgets celebrities are rushing to buy

Male and female celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, Harry Styles, Johnny depp etc have fame and wealth, which gives them luxury that cannot be done by other people every day. Top celebrities have cash to enjoy better things in life and if they find something they want, they only buy it! One field of shopping that tends to be leaning is electronic. Most people want to have the latest technology gadgets from sound system equipment to cell phones and other mobile devices.

These celebrities have enormous funds to be able to buy these items immediately after exiting. Below are electronic gadgets celebrities are rushing to buy:

1. Smart door

Smart doors can also be controlled with mobile phones. This can be controlled by sound through smart speakers or directly. Smart doors can be arranged to lock itself at a certain time a day. This ensures that even if you forget to lock your door, the smart door locks itself. They also contain integrated security cameras.

2. Smart watches and clocks

There are already many smart watches in globally. This is one of the most common smart gadget groups. It was reported some time ago that celebrities like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston and Megan Fox spent millions of dollars on wrist-watches alone. Apple has stirred the smart watch after Sonny released a smart watch brand a few years ago. There are many Android smart watches on the market today. These watches make and receive calls and do social media and send text messages

3. Sound system

Celebrities, like ordinary people, enjoy listening to their favorite artists. The purchase option used by many celebrities is the sound system option. From deceiving their cars to their home theater system, celebrities have the choice to buy whatever they like for their entertainment needs. Many celebrities have a full theater in their homes and have a system that allows the screening of their latest films or to listen to their favorite artists, including themselves!


4. Cell phones

Celebrities also remain up to date in the mobile option. From the latest Apple or Google releases, celebrities have cash to buy the latest mobile phones even if their contract is not used up! Most of us have to wait until we can get the latest telephone for free or at a very low price. However, celebrities have cash to buy the latest items now! We are all jealous when we see our favorite celebrities walking with the latest mobile devices, when almost not on the shelf!

5. Smart refrigerator

There is a smart refrigerator that sends you a reminder when some items in the refrigerator are running low. It also contains a camera that you can use through your cell phone to see all food ingredients. You can adjust the temperature and control it with the application. Samsung offers one of the best smart refrigerators. However, you can buy a small device to make your refrigerator smart

6. Mobile device

Cellular devices are other hot electronic accessories owned by celebrities. Many celebrities get such devices during the red carpet event for free, despite the fact that they can easily buy options. From iPad, to iPod and other options, celebrities have all cellular technology on their fingertips! Celebrities only use additional cash they have to buy the latest mobile devices when released.

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7. Smart switch

This is a switch that can be turned on or turned off with a telephone application. This switch can also be programmed to be turned on or turned off at a certain time. The switch can be controlled with sound when configured with smart speakers. There is Samsung Smart, Xiaomi and Webo Smart Witches switches.

8. Playing games

Actors and actresses also like to play games. From Xbox 360 to Play station 3, celebrities like to play video games with their celebrity friends and family. Celebrities can easily buy the latest game systems, which must be awaited by ordinary people to vacation or save enough money to be able to buy an expensive system. Celebrities are given access to the latest game technology and they have cash to be able to buy any game items they want.

9. Smart speakers

In 2016, Google and Amazon introduced the first smart speaker called Google Home and Amazon Echo to the market. Currently in countries like Britain and the United States, the majority of homes have smart speakers. In addition to answering simple and complex questions by virtual assistants through voice prompt, small speakers integrate and control other smart home devices at home and remotely. Since then, the first smart speaker, Apple has also introduced the home pod. Other smart speakers in the market are based on Google or Amazon Echo’s home.

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10. Smart lamp

There has been an introduction to so many smart lamp brands in recent years. However, Philips led the market with his Phillips Hue lights. Smart lamps can be operated wirelessly by Smartphone applications. This application can make it change the color, luminosity, and temperature. This can be controlled directly or long distances from 10,000 km. Smart speakers can be used to control it with sound. There are other people like Lifx and Yeelight.

11. Television system

Other technology accessories owned by celebrities are television long -distance systems. We have all seen celebrities showing off their homes and they will show their big television that has a big touch screen that they can use to change channels, listen to music or even control security cameras. Celebrities have access to technology that can only be dreamed of by ordinary people! Celebrities can pay expensive technology to control their television from all locations at home and other unique features.

12. Smart boiler

This is a kettle that can be controlled by applications on Android or iPhone phones. This can be turned on and turned off with the application. This can also boil to the specified temperature and turn off by itself. It has several other features. This can also be controlled by sound if integrated with smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. There are Smart Ceret Ipettle, Aimox, and Xiaomi who are smarter.

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13. Computer

Celebrities must remain in the loop when it comes to the latest computer technology. Celebrities have the latest laptops, Mac systems, and other computer options that are not as easy as accessible to ordinary people. Celebrities want to stay connected like us and they need a computer to connect on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Celebrities also use this technology to be able to promote themselves so that it is important to be able to have the latest technology.

14. Smart AC

This is an AC that can be controlled by sound through smart speakers. They can also be controlled through applications on my cell phone. All AC features can be activated or deactivated by application. This can also be arranged to turn off at certain times. It has a feature called Geofencing that allows users to turn it on when he gets closer to the house or killing himself when they leave the house. A good thing is that you don’t need to buy a new AC. You can only buy a small device that makes you program your remote control. Examples are Tado, Sensibo and Hive.

Overall, celebrities have numerous sources of income to buy any kind of electronic accessories or gadgets they want! Simply open the store and choose. It must be fun to live like a celebrity!

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