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10 Compelling Tips to Leverage Social Media for Your Dealers

Social media platforms are now becoming an important platform for auto dealers to generate ROI and good-will. According to a report given by Wildfire Interactive in 2021, 88% of marketers agreed that social marketing increases brand awareness, 85% agreed that it will increase engagement and 58% agreed that it will increase sales/partnerships. Let us look at 10 compelling tips to leverage social media for your dealers.

Social media marketing plays a crucial role in an auto dealer’s digital marketing strategy. Therefore, auto dealers should optimize it in the right way to get better results. Here are a few tips that will help you optimize your dealership’s social media marketing strategy.

The growing popularity of social networking sites has created greater opportunities for online car dealers to target their prospective clients under one roof. Unfortunately most dealers today have not yet come to terms with the fact that leveraging the power of social media is not just a passing fad but a concrete and lucrative business platform.

Social media have created new and effective medium for communication with your targeted audience and is playing a very pivotal role in your car dealing websites search engine optimization strategy, this is achieved by generating organic back links, higher page rankings and by driving a surfeit of prospective customers to your site. Read also best hyperlocal social media marketing ideas and strategies for your business.

Below are 10 Compelling Tips to Leverage Social Media for Your Dealership:

1. Clear Strategy

Social media marketing can improve the performance of your business, provided that you have a well-structured strategy that aligns with your business objective. In order to create a clear strategy you must first define your goals and decide how you want to benefit from social media marketing. Do you want to increase your reputation, influence, credibility, sales, traffic/page views, etc.? This will help you select the right tactics to achieve your desired results.

2• Preview your products and services

Using SM you can give your customers a sneak preview of your fleet of cars that are on sale as well as the various automotive services offered by your dealership. This will entice your customers and encourage them to do business with you.

3• Share your content

SM provides a unique opportunity for you to share your website’s content with your prospective customers. This will not only generate visibility but also draw a sizable amount of traffic to your website.

4• Display your expertise

There is no cause for concern if your dealership website’s content is not gaining the desired readership. Now with the help of video sites such as YouTube, you can share the trade knowledge that you have gathered over the years with your prospects. This would significantly bolster the success of your brand.

5• Engage with your prospects

The key to any marketing campaign’s success lies in its ability to reach out and communicate to its targeted audience. By creating a social media presence for your dealership, you would be able to interact on a personal level with your prospects.

6• Adopt a candid approach

SM enables you to be candid and transparent with your audience. Using your social networking profile or blog you would be able to give your prospects the latest scoop on the happenings of your enterprise. This would go a long way in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

7• Real time feedback

Using the power of SM, you can gain real time feedback from your customers about your products and services. Positive and negative criticism would give you the insight to enhance your marketing strategy by plugging the loopholes.

8• Expand your targeted audience

Social media is undoubtedly the most effective marketing medium when you want to expand your targeted audience. Popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter give you the opportunity to market your dealership’s products and services to a wider demographic unlike traditional mediums.

9 Compete with the big wigs

Social media would give your dealership the opportunity to compete with the big wigs of the industry on a level playing field. Apart from targeting a sea of prospective clients you would also be able to identify your competitors and analyze what they are doing differently. This would enable you to rectify the grey areas in your dealership’s strategy and take your marketing campaign to the next level

10. Network of Relevant Audience

As an auto dealership, you have a niche audience potentially interested in your product. To leverage that audience you must know to whom your product appeals to and build a network around them.

Post your ads in the social profiles of those whose interests match with that of your product/service, so that the chances those people will follow you are high.

Customize your social networking page to the needs of your audience accordingly. The greater your reach is and the more relevant you are to your audience, the more influential you will be on social media sites. Now read why social media is an important part of inbound marketing

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