Web Audience – 4 Tricks for Writing Good Blog Posts for Your Audience

Writing a blog posts for your web audience is a must if your blog will attract the needed traffic and sustain the same.

In my previous post, I talked about the mistake of focusing heavily on what you cared about without any consideration for what other people (your web audience, traffic) wanted.

If you have not read that post, here is the link; it is a must read for everyone that desires to make good money running a website/blog.

This is a continuation of that post, so you need to read the other post first.


In this post, I will be sharing with you: How to figure out what your web audience, (visitor/traffic) needed and satisfy them accordingly. A good understanding of this is what gives you an edge over others in this business.

You must understand that there is a need that made them click through to your site, and mind you, they didn’t come to your blog to read about you or about some stories or trash; they came in search of solutions. Read this perfect example of solution providing post.

Their findings on your site determine whether they will bookmark your site to come again or not.

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More so than that, their findings determines whether they will respond to your call to action, sign in to your email list and trust you with their money in the nearest future.

To figure out what your web audience, visitor/traffic needed; you must firstly answer these three very vital questions:

Three Vital Questions for your web audience:

1. What are my web audience (readers, traffic) looking for?
2. How can I offer them the needed solutions?
3. What will happen if I offer them solutions?
4. What will happen if I could not offer them solution?

How to get answers the above questions:

1. Speak to your web audience by any means
2. Send a survey to your email list
3. Find the answer in social networks, forums, or online communities
4. Attend a networking event

These are 4 great sources of insight about the needs of your intended and already-made audience, but remember, they are in search of solutions.

This is more than just observational research, anecdotal data, stories, friend recommendations or even what a gurus or mastermind group tells you. It is all about learning from someone who is desperately trying to solve his problems and is willing to dance to your tune or spend money to do so.

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The more direct contact you have with these desperate searchers, the more you learn about why they spend money and what it is you can do to offer them solutions.

You will learn why THEY are stuck and desperate, what THEY want, and how exactly THEY describe their problems and finally, you will come up with an idea.

But very unfortunately, like very many entrepreneurs who start with a product in their own mind, create it, launch it, and then attempt to convince people to buy it; most website/blog owners do the same by writing their own post/articles without any consideration of what their web audience wanted.

Yet they want to compel their web audience to read and subscribe to their post updates.

From the above mediums, find out what they needed the most and voila!!!

• Write a detailed post on solving that problem
• Create a product that offers solutions

Hope this post has been of help to you in your quest for writing a good blog posts for your web audience? I desire your comment, tell me if this post helped you or not.
See you with my next post!

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