White Hat SEO 6 Attributes

White Hat Seo today is a topic that has gone viral in the blogosphere (blogging industry). In this brief but precise post, I’ll be talking about “white hat SEO, attributes of white hat SEO and how you can do white hat seo yourself; your blog needs it trust me.

White hat SEO is commonly used in Search Engine Optimization world, that is why it is very necessary that you know this to enable you make the best of your blog in your quest for building a SEO friendly blog.

White hat SEO

If you want to do search engine optimization (seo) of your blog without breaking the rules or policies of Search Engine, then this type of optimization called “white hat SEO” is the best method to adopt. Remember; focus on building a blog site that is useful for humans and not for Search Engine robots.

Other issues to consider are back linking, keyword analysis, link quality, link building etc. White hat SEO is also known as moral SEO. White hat SEO can be regarded as the life of Search Engine Optimization.

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There are six (6) major attributes of white hat seo and they are as follows:

Back link

If your website/blog is having a link or links in another site, that is called back link for your site. This link will be the link of your site homepage or any other page in your site. This type of linking is also called incoming link. This is within white hat SEO.

Outbound link

Outbound link is opposite of back link; it means you are having different sites’ link in your site. Outbound link is also called outgoing link. This is also within the white hat seo platform.


Keyword may mean an index word, subject word, topic title that is describing the gathering of information. A word which is the main caption or focus of an article or a document.

Internal Link

These are the links of alternative pages of your site in another page of your own site. This I tell you is very important in doing white hat seo. Like, if your web site encompasses a series of tutorials then add anchor text at previous page to travel to another similar or next page. It works as back linking within your site. It’ll increase the page ranking. In Wikipedia web site for instance, you will find out that in each line they add several links.

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Keyword Density

This talks about a selected keyword quantity that is spread all over a post. It is ideal that your main keyword be inserted twice in the first paragraph of your post; in all, have about 5 occasions where your main keyword appears in a post. This process is called keyword density.

Link Popularity

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This is for the purpose of figuring out the quality of a site, link popularity is measured by the quality of incoming links (back links) to your site. The more quality links you have linking to your site, the more links popular your site is in the eyes of search engines.

Is there Black Hat SEO?

Yes, there is black hat seo. Black hat seo is the direct opposite of white hat seo, there is no need for long post on it; avoid black hat seo like you avoid Ebola disease, it leads to total failure.


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