Useful Google Adsense Questions/Answers to Help You

Question 1: My Adsense Earning Too Low I Need Help.
Helo, I am having an issue here my Adsense earning is too low , I just earn between $0.20-$0.50 on 500 views /6 click, my site traffic is mainly from usa

There are some things you need to realize about Adsense. Forget about the high-paying keywords poo. Adsense doesn’t float high-paying ads on new or struggling blogs. They reserve those ads for high traffic sites and highly targeted authority niche sites.

As for your earnings, 500 views won’t fetch you anything tangible. That’s even if the so-called 500 views are genuine human visits and not hits by bots and search engine spiders.

From my experience, to earn at least $100 monthly from Adsense, you’ll need to attract at least 1,500 unique visitors per day (Google Analytics figures). And to get to that point, you still have a lot work to do.

The biggest secret to earning big on Adsense is TRAFFIC! There’s no getting around that!

As for ad selection, that might play a role too. The most lucrative Adsense banner is the 300 x 250 banner. I mean, it comes with the highest cost-per-click and is most commonly used by advertisers. But in terms of attracting links, text link ads are the best (though they generate very stupidly low cpc). So, your best bet is a combination of both banners and text links.

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Ad placement matters as well. The best position to get clicks is the top of a blog post, just under the header. From my experience, this position gets better clicks than even header banners that most visitors have developed some blindness to. In short, banner and text links inserted at intervals within your content and below it perform best. Even sidebar banners are trashy because they get pushed to the bottom in mobile browsers (which most people use).

At the stage your blog is at right now, your focus shouldn’t be on monetization. You should focus more on growing your blog with quality content and well-played out SEO implementation.

I have a blog that presently generates around $1500 monthly on Adsense, but trust me, I didn’t place any ads on the site until it started generating about 2,500 visits per day. Right now, it generates around 25,000 unique visits per day and over 2 million page views monthly (GA stats). You too can get there with consistency and hardwork.

If at this stage you’re already getting too worried over earnings, I doubt that blogging is the right thing for you.

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