Understanding Blog Pinging

The term pinging or blog pinging has just been recognized recently by people who are very much familiar with the Internet. For those who still live in the olden days, they would only understand the word Ping as in Ping Pong.

In today’s world, pinging is one of the most important aspects when it comes to eCommerce. People should understand that it is easy to build a website having great products and services. However, this is not enough to make things happen the way you wanted.

Reading the following scenario will enable you know how blog pinging really works.
Mr. Efogator delves eagerly into the fascinating eCommerce world after searching high and low for the right product to sell or service to offer on the internet.

The Stock Market Course

Then, Mr. Efogator builds a website or blog with all the necessary posts, graphics and images that will provide solution and help to users, writing a few articles and places them on distribution sites; afterwards, he sits back and waits for traffic to come.

In doing all of the work to increase web traffic, Mr. Efogator misses one of the key factors of blogging success. The visitors would not know where to go unless you tell them. This is where blog pinging comes in.

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Blog pinging therefore notifies the necessary search engines that Mr. Efogator has made a new post on his site. The search engines therefore crawls and indexes the new post and saves in their database. However, you have to give more value on what pinging does to eCommerce business that makes a businessperson earn more money.

You know that you have to invest not only time but also effort if you want your online business to succeed. Learning the basics of web development and being able to have professionals to carry out the task you are not familiar with is very important.

What is blog pinging?

Most people like to read fresh new articles. Blog pinging is to notify a number of services that keeps track of weblogs and publish them. By pinging, you are promoting your blog and letting the services know that your blog has been updated and hence, they crawl and index your site, publishing your blog contents. You can get pretty good traffic coming to your site once blog pinging is done.

How do I ping?

There are so many free blog pinging services you can use, but I use pingomatic.com and pingoat.com as my service. If for some reason pingoat.com site is not available, then I use pingomatic.com. You can only use one pinging service per-time since they all use the same services to ping your blog post.

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You must not double ping your blog post because you can be penalized for by numerous search engines; this they do by not accepting any blog posts from your blog in the future.

WordPress Has Automatic Pinging

WordPress already has a built-in blog pinging service. However, it can be a dilemma using their built-in pinging service because WordPress pings your blog every time you update a post or create a draft. This is not good at all; it negatively affects your blog.

What I suggest you do is sign into your admin panel. Under your setting tabs, click on writing settings. Under “Update Setting”, clear any links in the box. This way your blog won’t ping the search engine every time you simple update your blog. You don’t want to be penalized for just updating your blog or making a draft blog post.

How often do I ping?

Once you publish your new blog post, you can head over to any blog pinging service and ping your new article. Remember, only ping your blog post once.

Can I ping every other source?

Blog pinging is not only for your blog post links, but you can also ping other sources you created, for example;

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* Videos uploaded to You Tube and other video submission sites.
* HubPages articles
* Squidoo lens
* Etc…..

Make blog pinging as regular as you publish new posts. Imagine yourself sweating the night away, trying to write a unique article which you will post in your website or blog to attract more visitors and readers only for that article not to be seen or read.

Internet users and readers make use of the search engine when looking for information. There are studies showing that internet users rarely go beyond page three and four of the search results. I am optimistic that blog pinging can help you improve your SERP.

Waiting for Google, Bings and other search engines to crawl and index your new posts may take weeks. So what you need to do is to engage blog pinging to manually notify these search engines that your blog or website has been updated with new posts. This will help in boosting your rankings on the search engines and increase website traffic.


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