Understanding and Achieving Financial Security

In life we want the security of so many things guaranteed; we seek for security in our home, our car, our job, our family and we want security in our health as well.

Financial security is the heart desire of everyone, young, old, male and female alike: we all want it. Everyone wants to be financially secured and free; we have this believe that the future has a demand placed on us so in one way or the other we tend to be so much worried about the future; and this is what gives birth to building financial security.

There is nothing as frustrating as when you know where you are going to but does not know how to get there. The big question is “How Can One Achieve Financial Security?”

In this post, I will try to explain what financial security is all about, and the steps to achieving it; and by applying the steps herein revealed, your live and business is guarantee of financial freedom.


Financial: A dictionary defines “financial” as that which pertains to finance. Finance, to further break it down, is defined as: the circulation of money and credit, liquid resources of an individual or group, and the obtaining of funds or capital.

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Security: This is defined as the state of being protected, secure or free from fear or fear of loss.

Therefore, financial security can be defined as the state of being financially comfortable, stable and free in the now to guarantee a financially secured future.

One may ask, “Is Financial Security Possible?” The answer is YES it is very possible if you can discipline yourself and do certain things in the now.

I was made to understand that in every income (money) that comes into your hand, there is a seed inside it, and there is a fruit inside it. Fruits are to be eaten, while seeds are to be planted to guarantee more fruits in the future.

But in a situation where both the fruits and the seeds are consumed, then there is nothing left for the future and as a result there is scarcity, poverty, lack and want.

There some quick things we can do to help ensure financial security and become a little more comfortable in this age of uncertainty and anxiety.

Two of such very crucial things are:

1. To have our money work for us rather than us working for our money.
2. To constantly be increasing in all areas of our lives.

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These two are the summary of everything you need to know about financial security and become financially stable and free to guarantee a stable and successful future.

The quest for ensuring one’s financial security has become the objective that almost everyone of us is directing our energies towards these days. You are therefore advised to do the same.


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