The Untruthful Bloggers

Untruthful bloggers indeed is what I call and will continue to call them; they are very much around us, we interact with them every day; but, who are they you may ask? Read on and you will discover who they truly are.

I came to discover that there is a rat-race going on in the blogosphere, and this rat-race is usually orchestrated by some group of conspired bloggers. They cook up one thing and every other blogger starts running around that one thing or running towards that one thing and this circle continues till they will cook up another.

The Untruthful Bloggers
I once bought a product at $35 which claimed according to the author to reveal the secrets of making over $400 monthly with a single blog. After payment, the product was sent to me; I quickly read it like a hungry fox only to discover no new secret but still the old stories bla bla bla.

I picked up my phone and called him to tender my disappointment and anger over his untruthfulness.

Here is his response:
“Hi buddy, that is the business, do as I have just done, place damn eBook on your blog and sell to others, in fact I have sold 25 pieces this month alone, the more people that buys from your blog the more money you make from that blog”

Isn’t that funny?

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These are everywhere, they are the ones that will not tell you the truth, and they cover up with pretence because they have joined the rat-race program. Thank God for advanced tools and plugins; so generating all manner of screenshots to support their claims of making over $3000 with their blog is not a big task any more.

Here is an example of what you will be presented with:

See proofs of last month income report below:
Article writing – $350
Affiliate – $700
Sponsored ads – $500
Infolinks – $250
Reviews – 200
Adsense – $300
Product sales – $1200
TOTAL – $3,500

Google Motivated Conspiracy
Google which is the biggest and the most used search engine in the world has being the brain behind the untruthfulness, pretense and forgery being carried out today in the blogging industry.

They are the BIG BOYS who plays the drum and sing every song that every blogger is compelled to dance to. Every now and then Google comes up with new innovations to suit their own selfish interest; this they do to make sure that every blogger remains in the rat-race, and certainly they have remained and will remain.

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Conspiracy 1
I often read some very interesting tutorials, guides and tips either claiming to reveal the new move of Google or have discovered the tricks which Google uses in some quarters to rank or penalize some blogs.

At the end of the article, you will see a line that says “this post was written by ex Google program director”; I smell a rat and a dead rat for that matter.

Before you know it, this so called new discovery or revelation has gone viral on the internet, and true to their anticipations, the bloggers both male and female will start dancing towards that direction.

However, many renowned bloggers has in one time or the other published an article claiming that it is not ideal to blog for search engines but for your audience. But today, the quest to do SEO and please search engines has cost some bloggers sleepless nights, and almost emptied their bank account.

Conspiracy 2
Another category of people in this plot are the so called SEO experts and companies. I once had a friend who claimed to be a SEO expert and works with one of the biggest SEO Company in India, he will always want me to allow him guest post on my little blog which I obliged him on one occasion. Guess what, he sent me an article he copied from

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When he mailed the article to me, I quickly and foolishly copied and pasted the title on Google’s search box, aha! I was instantly directed to the website the article originated from.

I confronted him and he told me he was not actually the one that wrote the article with his hands, one of his boys did, can you imagine that coming from a SEO expert.

Finally, without controversy, there are genuine bloggers and there are equally genuine ways to make any amount of money from BLOGGING!


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