WordPress Theme Selection: 15 Tips for Selecting the Best WordPress Theme for Your Website

It is a common thing with most beginners on the WordPress platform to feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the best WordPress theme for their WordPress site.

This is because there are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes readily available on the internet today. With each WordPress theme looking better than the other; the task of selecting the best becomes almost a confusing one.

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Therefore, in this post, I will be sharing with you 14 things you should consider in your quest for a good WordPress theme for your website or blog.

It is very vital that you should be careful when choosing a WordPress theme because the overall layout and design of your site can affect your site positively or negatively, therefore, look out for a good WordPress theme.

WordPress as it were is a platform used for creating all kind of websites, this is the reason each WordPress theme is designed to cater for different websites purposes.

It is very important that your WordPress theme should complement the overall contents of your website. For instance, if you are creating a blog for entertainment, politics or news, then you should go for a theme that will improve readability of the subject matter.

Another good thing about WordPress theme is that very many of them come with tons of easy customization options. But this options, if not coded properly can negatively affect your site thereby making it difficult for your site to load properly.

And in other cases once you install one theme, you will find it difficult to change to other themes or use some WordPress plugins. This is a situation you may have to hire a website developer to help you.

It is also important to understand that some WordPress themes that look very great can actually cause the slow loading of your site. Remember, no internet user likes a slow loading websites, and Google as a search engine frowns at slow loading websites, Google prefers to rank fast loading websites higher than the slow loading.

Remember, your theme is the face of your site and plays an important role in how users as well as search engines perceive it; so choose a good WordPress theme. Remember, ‘All that glitters is not gold’.

Most WordPress websites and blogs do perfectly well in search engines, and Google loves WordPress sites because WordPress features make website optimization easy.

Another reason you should be very careful when selecting a WordPress theme for your site is because certain WordPress themes have components that can improve the SEO of your site, and this is a plus for you.

15 tips for selecting the best WordPress theme for your WordPress site.

1. Good WordPress theme should be browser compatible

As you select the best WordPress theme, remember that your site visitors will be using different browsers to view your site. It is possible your theme may look perfect on the browser you use, but there might be something broken in other visitors’ browsers.

This is where testing your theme for browser compatibility comes in. it is true that most WordPress theme developers test their themes rigorously by using sophisticated browser compatibility testing tools.

You can view your selected theme on different browsers such as: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

2. Good WordPress theme must be appealing

A good wordpress theme also helps make your website look good. Even though it is not a marvel of graphic designs, you certainly don’t want to have a website that scares people away by its sheer ugliness.

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After all, most of us aren’t graphic designers so we must rely on our theme to help us out in this regard.

3. Good WordPress theme must be Mobile friendly

Any website in this age MUST be mobile ready and fully responsive to fit on any size screen because a higher percentage of internet users these days access the internet with mobile devices. Surprisingly, there are still many themes providers that do not produce mobile ready themes so be careful.

4. Good WordPress theme must be load fast enough

Do you remember that nobody including search engines likes a slow loading website? Surprisingly, themes plays significant role in the loading speed of your website. A poorly designed and coded theme can drastically slow down the speed of your site.

5. Good WordPress theme must have unique customization

It will be very difficult for your site to stand out if it looks exactly like countless others that are using the exact same theme you are using. Therefore, to stand out even among sites using the same WordPress theme as yours, it is important you select a theme that has so many customization options.

You can customize certain aspects such as navigations, colors, graphics, and the overall page layouts. This way your blog can stand out from others.

6. Good WordPress theme must have easy to use dashboard features

As a webmaster, website or blog owner, you certainly will be spending much of your time working in the Dashboard of your site.

It is therefore very vital that you select a WP theme that has dashboard customization that allows you to easily access and edit all of the additional features you so desire from the theme provisions.

7. Good WordPress theme should have regular maintenance and upgrades

In case you haven’t known, WordPress as software updates itself very often, and when this happens, your theme may need to be upgraded as well to function properly and provide a safe experience for your visitors.

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Therefore, you need a theme provider that is actively updating their themes and providing the needed maintenance support.

8. Good WordPress theme should have customer support

It is a common thing for one or two things to go wrong on your website and if it is a theme issue, instead of spending hours searching through Google search results for solutions, you could just insta-chat your theme’s customer support and have the problem resolved in minutes.

9. Good WordPress theme should be affordable

It is a common knowledge that some WP themes are very expensive while some are very cheap and some others are even free. It is also a common knowledge that the more costly a theme is, the more customization, features, and supports it carries.

However, you must find a balance that is best suit your budget and vision.

10. Good WordPress theme must be SEO friendly

Having a theme that is SEO ready is very vital to the overall success of your site; it is also very important in search engines world we live in today. Surprisingly the way a theme is designed and coded can give your site a boost or reduce your site’s Google ranking and traffic.

11. Good WordPress theme should be widget ready

Please understand that widgets are very vital for customizing your theme. Some themes make it very simple to choose what categories you want to display and where.

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The number of posts to show, and what size you want your thumbnail images. Others will even allow you to choose between using a custom image or dynamic text for your header logo area. These widgets make customization very simple and quick, exactly the way you want them.

12. Integrating images into posts, home page content, and pages

Good WordPress theme should be easy to integrating images into posts, home page content, and pages. Your selected theme must be the one that allows for inserting images into any part you so desire and with ease, not necessarily engaging a third party plugin.

13. Good WordPress theme should be Simple

Do you know that simplicity is the best rule in design? Understand that so many WordPress themes out there come with so many flashy animations, colors, complex layouts and many more. Please don’t let these features fool you, you may need those things sometimes though, but in most cases you don’t really need all that.

Just be sure that your choice of theme’s presentation style is not the overly complicated type. Remember, the purpose of website or blog design is to help internet users find information and easily navigate as they need and to help site admin achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

14. Good WordPress theme should be responsive

It is very important that you choose a responsive WordPress theme because responsiveness is no longer an option anymore; it is a must these days. This is because responsive themes adjust their overall layout to match different screen sizes and devices.

Remember, a higher percentage of web traffic is generated from mobile and other handheld devices.

15. Good WordPress theme must be user friendly

You must understand that visitors are essentially profitable to your site; therefore, visitors’ experience on your site is of utmost importance.

Your theme therefore must be very user friendly to all visitors human and search engines alike with clear navigation.



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