Revealed: 10 Top Professional Tips for Newbie Bloggers Pt1

For the last few years, blogs have become popular tool to exchange experience and create communities online. Many examples around motivate people to start blogging.

Internet is filled in with more and more interesting resources. It is always difficult to start and oftentimes bloggers who are new to this apply for help of experienced bloggers so to speak. Among the most frequently asked questions are as follows: How to develop a blog so others started reading and how to occupy a niche in blogosphere afterwards?

Here are ten tips on how to do blogging in form of proverbial wisdom(our ancestors knew how to keep a blog).

1. Cut the coat according to the cloth. Come up with a task to handle by your blog. To create a blog for the sheer reason of. The task of the blog is going to be to keep you updated on as for what is going on. It is going to be possible to measure how effectively the blog does its job on every stage or how far away you are from accomplishing the task.

2. What the heart thinks the tongue speaks. Define a style and manner of your blog so you could follow them keeping your blog. Few people are interested in disheveled blogs if only it is not a personal diary.It is difficult to find an audience for a blog on initial stage if people cannot get what your website is all about.

They might like 1-2 articles and even subscribe for updates but as soon as they get on email 2-3 articles on other topics, they will give up on you (if only those are not your loyal friends). Define what subject you are good at and if there are a few, you are better to create a few blogs.

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The style you follow is also very important because people might not see you but they will remember you due to your manner of speech.

3. Aquila non capitmuscas. Write articles on useful topics and what is on a front burner. Even if you are not a 100% expert in the area of something, become one and write an authoritative publication! Do not be afraid to express your thoughts. This is what people may value most of all about you. Do not be afraid to be a rare bird, oftentimes it makes it to where people are around you.

4. For one that is missing there’s no spoiling a wedding. The world changes rapidly and the area you are good at is filled in with new specialists soon enough who are able to create same good tool for exchange of experience and creating communities.

As soon as your resource is no longer interesting, people leave searching for new development. If you have decided on making your blog popular, touch on the more global themes, look for trends in your area, discuss them on your platform, and use these trends.

For example, lately social media, behavioral factors, location-based services and mobilization and, of course, optimization of conversion are the trends in search-engine marketing. It is hard to imagine a popular blogger who does not have a Twitter account or like button from Facebook in the end of each post.
5. Slow and steady wins the race. Do not wait for a feedback right away. You will have to try hard in the beginning getting no comments or other feedback. It is a difficult period when people practically do not know anything about you and all you need is patience on this stage following on your aim.

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6. Heaven helps those who help themselves. People like energetic, active and brave. Show these features keeping a blog. Do not post articles only but also organize competitions, marathons, take part in similar things from other bloggers.

It will make it to where you will get to know other representatives of blogosphere and receive more readers. Come up with new points. What more apart from posts might be useful for your readers? Maybe some tool or a chapter, a questionnaire or simply invites over useful resources.

7. One man no man. It is very hard to achieve success on your own, which is why one should learn rules of networking. A book entitled as Never Eat Alone and Other Secrets to Success, One Relationships at a time written by Keith Ferrazzi is highly recommended for reading.

Get a community of friends for your blog, they are going to support on this stage. This community is going to become bigger with time but now you need someone to keep your blog for. Let it be friends, invite them, those who might be interested in the topic you depict, ask them to comment on your article.

Make sure that that circle of your contacts is right. You know how they say, that a man is known by his friends. Making your circle of contacts bigger make sure its quality is good because it will affect development of your resource.

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8. Birds of a feather flock together. It is not enough to provide with a good content only but also make a present of it. Find where people who might be interested in your content can be.

Share with announces and articles on the platforms you found. Do not focus on your blog only, look for like-minded people on different resources including social media. Use guest blogging and article marketing.

9. The more haste, the less speed. Critics is everywhere and you will not get away from it. Accept it understandingly, be tolerant.Inappropriate perception of critics will make it to where your authority is going to decrease let alone the number of your regular readers.

Try to find a common ground with your readers even with the most unkindly ones. It will bring a success over a long period.

10. We know not what is good until we have lost it. It is important to take care after a reader, to provide him or her with comfortable options to read your content both on the site and through RSS-reader, give a chance to get acquainted with other articles on the topic, to make a site comfortable and understandable.

Any kind of discomfort in the form of captcha to leave a comment, uncomfortable text formatting, too much of advertising or oversaturation of color palette of the site may lead to losing readers.

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