Monetize Your Blog by Selling Your Own Products

In your quest to make legitimate money on the internet, one major and most popular way for achieving your goal is selling your own products through blog. So it is not enough to setup a blog then seat back and watch money rolling in.

This is possibly the oldest business model of all-time; it is also the most familiar. Selling your own products is a concept we’re all familiar with, and we see it play out from the corner of the nations to the other. I have something you need, so I sell it to you and you pay me some money. It is as simple and straightforward.

In this short but precise post, I will be talking about monetizing your existing blog by selling your own products. You can also after reading this post decides to create a blog to sell your own products and make some money for yourself.

So, how do you go about selling your own products online using blog, to answer this very important question, there are 4 things you must consider first and these are:

1. Am I well known to sell online?
2. What am I going to sell?
3. How will I let people know about my products?
4. How am I going to accept payment?
5. How will I handle fulfillment and customer service?

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Now, let’s look at each of these questions one after the other.

1. Am I well known to sell online?

Before selling your own products online through blog, one thing if not the first that you must in your attempt to sell online is the level of credibility you have built on the internet. How many internet users know you and can trust you?

Men like John Chow, Ewen Chia, Yaro Starak, Darren Rowse to mention but a few have become a household names on the internet, as such, selling your own products becomes a done deal and receives thousands of patronage per day. In the same vein, whatever product these guys support or approve of will sell like wild fire.

Friends, there is the need to build credibility on the internet if you must make a mark. You will agree with me that you will not just pay your hard earned money to someone you have never heard of simply because he/she presents a product that is appealing to you.

2. What am I going to sell?

In selling your own products on a blog, you must choose a product that is of interest to the majority of your readers. For instance, if you have a Forex Trading Tips blog, your readers won’t necessarily come to you for the “How to Repair Android Phone” eBook you just wrote, but they will come in their hundreds if not thousands for a Forex Trading Robot you just developed.

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A few of your readers might be interested in the “How to Repair Android Phone”, but keeping relevance between your blog theme and your product is more profitable because your blog posts have already presented you as an authority in Forex Trading Tips.

Anything not relevant to your blog niche will lead to confusion on the part of your blog readers, and confusion leads to distrust. Therefore, sell Forex Trading Tutorial eBooks, Forex Trading Tutorial CDs or your audio guide to the Forex Trading.

3. How will I let people know about my products?

Selling your own products is an essential part of your business plan. No matter how good your Forex Trading Guides, CDs and eBooks may be, if no one knows about them, no one can buy them.

Promoting your blog posts is a very rewarding way to market your products because your blog is housing your products.

You can promote your blog/products through forums, blog pinging, search engine optimization (SEO), Google AdWords, Facebook advertisements, and a number of other methods. The key is to know beforehand how you’re going to tell people about your products.

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4. How am I going to accept payment?

Unlike some years ago, now, there are hundreds of online payment processors readily available today. The most popular being PayPal, which will allow your customers to pay using their credit card, debit card, or PayPal balance. Go to and click on “Business” for more information. PayPal can help you create “buy now” buttons for your site, issue invoices, and more, and it is easily integrated into your blog.

If you outgrow PayPal, there are a number of shopping cart services you can check out, including,,, and many more. These services are more expensive than PayPal, but will add functionality you may eventually desire, such as affiliate management.

Watch this video – how to monetize your blog

5. How will I handle fulfillment and customer service?

Unless you enjoy making numerous trips to the post office and answering calls 24/7, as you grow you will need to have a scaleable plan for shipping out orders and handling customer questions and complaints.

Don’t let this bother you, you can outsource fulfillment to a local business or individual (try, or through a service like Amazon’s Likewise, you can outsource customer service to a virtual assistant, or to a company that specializes in customer service.

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