Interview with a Mother and Grand-Mother Blogger: Carol Amato

Far away Washington DC comes this awesome interview with a lovely wife, a mother and grandmother who enjoy blogging and coaching. In this interview, our host, Carol Amato reveals some truths that will help you blogging career.

1. Please tell us your name.
Ans: My name is Carol Amato.

2. Tell us where you are from and a little about yourself.
Ans: I was born in Washington DC, and was the baby of seven kids. I enjoyed growing up in a big family. I’m 53 years old, soon to have a birthday, and live in Tampa, Florida. My husband and I enjoy our 3 adult children and their families including one granddaughter.

3. Tell us about your blog.
Ans: I help folks who are struggling to make money blogging:

• Get traffic • Build relationships • Increase conversions • Make money

4. What is your purpose of blogging?
Ans: My purpose in blogging is to help as many people as I can create and enjoy a lifestyle of freedom, whatever freedom means to them.

5. What were the challenges you faced at the beginning of your blogging career?
Ans: I was gaining knowledge because I bought course after course and product after product, but I didn’t exactly know what to do, and when to do it – on the wide scheme of things.

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I didn’t know how to put the puzzle pieces together until I got a coach. Unfortunately, I was scammed by my first coach! I didn’t want to trust anyone any more.

6. How long have you been blogging?
Ans: I’ve been blogging since November 2010.

7. What is your main source of traffic generation?
Ans: My main source of traffic is my list of subscribers.

8. If your blog generates income, what is your main source of income in your blog?
Ans: The main source of income for my blog is email marketing.

9. Who are the 4 bloggers that have inspired you so much?
Ans: So many marketers have inspired me. However, the first folks who helped me to trust again after my first coach scammed me were Paul Counts, Jeff Wellman and Eric Holmlund. Kim Roach is a big inspiration also, and I have learned a lot from her.

10. In this age of high competition in blogging, what do you do to stand out?
Ans: I treat others the way that I want to be treated myself. I answer every single email I receive. I offer daily coaching to my students in my Mastermind Coaching membership at CaroAmato Membership.

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11. How do you handle the SEO of your blog?
Ans: I follow Dennis Seymour’s advice in this article: How to “SEO” Your Blog Post. I have also outsourced a lot of the SEO for my blog in the past.

12. What are the 5 things you do not do as a blogger to keep you on the success path?
Ans: I don’t neglect list building – I make sure to keep building a list of subscribers a priority.

I do not put content on social media and other platforms first – I put my best content (pictures, articles, quotes, etc.) on my own Authority Blog first, and THEN share on social media.

I don’t ignore people who comment – I reply to every comment on my blog and also visit their blog and comment when the topic is relevant to my interests.

I don’t go to my computer and fritter time away in my Inbox, on Facebook and wandering around on the Internet. I have a plan for my day – I always have something to do before I open my computer, and don’t leave it up to ‘chance.’

I don’t ignore other marketers – I am building relationships with like-minded marketers because we cannot do this alone.

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I don’t operate as a one-man-show – I have a team of folks to help me in my business so I can enjoy a sustainable and scalable business.

13. Which of the blogging platforms do you prefer and why?
Ans: WordPress because it’s easy to use, professional looking, functional, popular with Google, and it’s free.

14. In your opinion, why do so many bloggers fail and only few succeed?
Ans: I believe many people do not truly believe that they must invest in a coach in order to make it online. Going solo and succeeding is possible, but pretty rare. Isn’t it smart to cut the learning curve and learn from someone else’s mistakes?

Also, bloggers fail because they lack a strong work ethic and consistency.

15. What is your next plan for your blogging career?
Ans: I would like to have a podcast up by the end of this year.

16. In your opinion, is blogging a full time business?
Ans: Yes, blogging is a full time business for me, although I’m working less hours than I used to. As I’ve grown and understand how to efficiently use my time to focus on income-producing activities, it actually allows me to have more time off to enjoy my family and friends.



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