Guest Post, 5 Vital Factors to Consider

I have discovered that so many blogs grows and become popular by allowing guest post. In the same vein, a lot of blog owners have vowed not to allow guest post on their blog.

It means, as a blogger or blog owner, you have the sole responsibility to decide on allowing guest post on your blog or not, as an internet marketer, you have to decide whether publishing guest post is going to be part of your content marketing strategy or not.

According to Google and some other search engines, guest posts are very vital for the overall SEO (search engine optimization) of a blog.

One major benefit of guest posts is having a back linking from the blog to your own blog, and if the host is a popular blog with a huge traffic flow, then your own blog gets propel via your content into the more visible sphere of the search engines.

The truth of the matter is that at one point in time, you will be invited for guest post; therefore, you need to look 5 very vital factors for effective guest posts.

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1. Be Yourself

As a blogger, you already have a language and a tone that you are known with, there are ways you write in your blog that your visitors knows you with; when you are invited for guest post, be yourself and speak in your language and in your tone.

2. Write Original Content

No blogger wants articles that are already published somewhere else to be republished in his blog no matter who the guest poster if, even if it is AdrienneSmith or Enstine Muki.

Write your own articles and give it your 100% personality so that the result will be unique. You want to share your OWN viewpoints about certain topics. Write things that you truly know and feel comfortable writing about. Write about you PASSION your EXPERIENCE within the given niche.

3. The Blog Niche

If you are not good in some niches, be honest enough to tell your host that you are not good at the niche you are being invited to write on.

For instance, I cannot write anything about androids, forex trading and car insurance, I must not accept to offer any guest post on these niches. You don’t need to go out and discover the universe. Start slowly and write about things you know.

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4. Include all your credentials

It is always best to let the blogger know about your credentials, this includes your social networks, link to your homepage and one very relevant post in your blog that can better enhance the understanding of the intended reader on the subject matter.

By this, you can prove to your host and his readers that you are an authority in the subject matter.

5. Are You Ready to Respond to Comments?

Another factor you must consider when giving an invitation for a guest post is the issue of responding to comments that will be directed to your content.

Will you be readily available to respond to those comments as they come to your guest post? maybe you can inform the host to attend to all comments.

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