6 Proven Factors for Google AdSense Profiting

It is the desire of every blogger to make some money off their blogs; to this end so many mediums abound for bloggers to make money. Here in this post, I will premise my revelation on Google Adsense profiting factors. I will therefore be revealing 6 killer factors for Google Adsense profiting.

There are numerous factors that will determine your success in the Google AdSense program. In this program, there is no luck to it; you just have to understand how it works.

Google Adsense profiting

You can be the most unlucky person in the whole wide-world, and still succeed with Google AdSense. It’s all about understanding exactly how to run your Google AdSense Empire.

1. Blog Empire Factor

Note the word ‘empire.’ That’s where a great deal of your success will come from. For instance, if you just have one blog that you run Google AdSense on, then be rest assured that your chances for success in Google Adsense program will be cut short trust me, I lie not.

You will have to focus so much on driving millions of traffic to that one blog/site in order to profit from Google AdSense.

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Therefore, the wisdom is “have numerous sites” on a variety of topics where you publish your Adsense Ads.

2. Right Topic/Niche Factor

There is the highest paying topics/niche – this is also another factor that you must consider for Google Adsense profiting. If you have ten sites, all with keywords that only pay five cents a click, then you will need to keep your traditional job, or look for another source of income.

You will make a little money, but not enough to live on. Choose topics based on the highest paying keywords for success.

Choosing topics that have a high amount of searches is also a vital factor for profiting in Adsense program, but there is a trick to it. For instance, “health and fitness tips” is a highly searched topic, but it’s too wide and therefore too competitive.

You will need to narrow your focus on it and choose a niche within it such as “tips on diabetes” or “weight loss for diabetic mothers”. While you may earn a little less per click, you will be able to focus more greatly on getting traffic to the site.

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3. Ad Units, Links and Search Box Factor

Another factor for Google Adsense profiting is to make sure that your ad units, ad links, and search boxes matches your site overall layout for best results. If your ads are too obvious, I am afraid they will get fewer clicks.

Note that AdSense publishers have been testing ad placement and palettes since the inception of the AdSense program, and you would do well to follow what their research has found; you are at liberty to make your own choice.

4. Traffic Factor

When I came into blogging in 2008, I was not told about traffic generation, I thought you just set up a blog and let it run on its own.

Traffic is a very vital factor for determining your Google Adsense profiting. Without traffic, there are no clicks – there will be no income and there will be no success.

You need to brainstorm for traffic generation tricks and strategies, and do make use all of the proven traffic driving techniques at your disposal to drive as much traffic to your site as possible and on a continual basis.

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5. Content Factor

It is a common knowledge in the blogosphere that content is king, but with my years in blogging, I have come to disagree with this concept; to me, Traffic is KING, while Content is QUEEN; the queen answers to the king – Aha!.

6. Continuity Factor

The last but not the least factor I want to share here for Google Adsense profiting is the continuity factor. You need to repeat the above 5 factors already discussed.

Secondly, for you to see Google Adsense profiting, you need to continually add new relevant contents to your site, and set up new sites as well. As you do these, keep an eye on the most frequently searched keywords.


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