GetResponse VS Aweber Email Marketing Tool Review: Who offers best Services?

If you are running an online business orsomethingrelated to the internet online then I am sure you may be much familiar with this phrase “build agood emaillist.”Right? Real business needs a good maillist. Ithas been proved that email marketing is one of the best methodstoimprove customers, services and sales of your business. It’s not a small thing to build an efficient list with marketing tools. There are tons of tools for email marketing, and your selection is one of the keyfactors of success.

Today, we have two email marketing tools here, But we can’t use two tools for the single business! Soit’s time to pick up the best one from AWeber and Getresponse.Let’s start…

Both the tools are proved as the good email marketing tools and has millions of customers for each. Let’s go some deep to pick up the best among them.

Comparison of AWeber and Getresponse email services:

The designis an important factor for any type ofservice, and so we have started with this.Getresponse offers you a lot of template designs and allows you to create on your own by coding. You can even drop your favorite design to create a copy of that template. Over to it, it provides a few options to design your template look.

AWeber had more than 600+ email templates under several categories which are stylishly designed, and some are similar to the popular word press themes. We the people always go for the stylish ones and AWeber is not a bad choice too as it offers modern templates.

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The templates of both are worth looking and are completely responsive, will award the same marks for both in templates section.

User interface and embedding forms:

It’s next to the templates as it was related to design section.”The more simple the fastest” is a well-known phrase for all the online marketers. Ipersonally need an email marketing tool to get my visitors mail and to notify them of my post updates. SoI need to embed a form on to my site and was a bit technical work.

Always customers look for the one which is a bit easy to opt in and which is easily understandable by the visitors. As I already explained, AWeber hasmore number of templates, and it doesn’t require much coding work and is eye catchy for the visitors. Both has the good user interface, but I suggest you to start with GetResponse as it slightly attracts me.

Importing contacts:
It’s the most wanted feature by all marketers as saving contacts to our listis mostimportant. Every tool comes up with this feature and it’s a bit difficult to find the best one among all and don’t worry I had a strong reason for that.

Getresponse has a set of tools which collects the contacts from various places(including forms, lists,etc. ).They import every contact from all corners.Moreover,if you changed your service after working with them, theydon’t hesitate to upload your contact list to your current service. Isn’t it awesome?

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Coming to the AWeber,Actually, it’s not a bad choice. But to be frank, No one can be a competitor to Getresponse in this feature. If the service hasbeen changed, the every customer has to opt for the form again which is completely time taking theprocess, and there is a big chance of losing your loyal customers. Finally,I vote for Getresponse as it offersexcellent tools to import contacts.

Auto Responding:

Auto responding is a completely needed part to make your campaigns efficient.
Getresponse allows you to set up the auto response emails from its navigation menu itself, and it has different options such as time travel,etc.Time-basedor scheduled emails should be sent to the customers on the offers days to explain about the particular offer or to wish them on the festival eve.

As Getresponse collects the information from thecustomers,you just enable the time travel by setting it to your local time zone. It has many more features such as you can postpone the scheduled emails at a time.

AWeber also supports auto response feature, and it can be navigated easily assimilar to the above one. It has the same feature of “time travel” which is already discussedabove. Let me tell you a small problem ofAWeber, when you add a new mail to your auto response list it wouldn’t notify you at all, and you need to contact the support which sucks time.

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AWeberis decent withrestrictions and Getresponse wins through its advanced options.

It isalmost a notable thing in the area of marketers that Getresponse is a bit expensive!right?Remember pricing is the deciding factor for any kind of business deals and is same here.
Here is the complete pricing list of the can have a trial version of 30 days and is for free.

AWeber,itactually costs high when compared to theGetresponse. Check the pricing below. It also offers the 30-day free trial.The AWeberfirst pack starts with $19/month for 500 subscriptions.

The plans clearly make me select the Getresponse.So the winner is Getresponse for its reasonable pricing packs.
Conclusion:We had discussed every feature of the both tools deeply and voted them linearly. So according to me, the winner is Getresponsefor its most advanced features.

Still there may be the lovers of AWeber, but I am sure the pricing plans going to change your mind, and it’s not an easy thing to buy such kind of premium marketing tool which is having just decent features.Getresponse is the one with a minimum pricing plans and with advanced features. This isthereason for my final voting.

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