Exclusive Revelation: A Chat with Gaurav Kumar Unveils Some Killer Blogging Secrets

Efogator: Tell us your full name, where you are from and a little more about yourself
I am Gaurav Kumar, professional blogger, writer and founder of eAskme.com. I am from India. I started my career as a customer care executive and later turned into a full time professional blogger.

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Efogator: Tell us about your blog
eAskme launched in 2014. I have started this blog to share about technology, startup business, life hacks and motivational things.

eAskme teaches the reader how to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. It also teaches the visitor how to start his very own blogging business or affiliate marketing business.

eAskme also helps those who are feeling dishearten or feeling no hope. Motivational thoughts and ideas of eAskem help the reader gain strength in the hardest times of his life. It also tells you to make money blogging and live a life with full freedom.

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Efogator: What is/are the reason(s) you are blogging?
In the beginning of my career I started working as customer care executive. Job was good but I was not satisfied at many points. In the beginning of 2013, I was introduced to blogging.

I took blogging as my profession because of my habit of reading and writing. It helped me to express more and learn more. I learned a lot about blogging, SEO, money making, various opportunities and business management.

I also helped my readers to learn everything that I have learned during my blogging journey.

Efogator: What were the challenges you faced at the beginning of your blogging career?
In the beginning I was a complete a newbie. I started a new blog which I had to close because of the mistakes that I made.
I made mistakes such as:
• Copy Content
• No SEO
• No promotion
These mistakes have caused me big issues and I had to drop that blog in 6 months.

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Efogator: How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging in 2013. This was the year when most of the SEO companies was taking hit from Google Algorithms and closed their business.

In the beginning I started a news blog. The blog became the hit of the year 2013 for me. I started earning more than $500/month from Google Adsense only. But I had to pay for my mistakes and had to close the blog.
Then I started eAskme with a complete professional behaviour.

Efogator: What are your main sources of traffic generation?
Traffic is the key to keep the blog alive. eAskme receive traffic from various sources such as:

• Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.)
• Search engine (Google, Bing, yahoo etc.)
• Email subscribers etc.

Efogator: If your blog generates income, what are your main sources of income?
There is no doubt that Adsense is one of the most popular contextual ad networks which bloggers use to monetize their blogs.

But for me Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money with blogging.
I also make money with:
• Affiliate Marketing
• Sponsored post
• Direct Ads

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Efogator: Who are the 3 bloggers that has inspired you so much?
Every blogger inspired by many other bloggers. I am also inspired by Courtney Rosen, Darren Rowse and John Chow.

Efogator: In this age of high competition in blogging, what do you do to stand out?
When everyone is talking about technology and blogging, I tell people what many bloggers hide from them. During my blogging journey I have seen that most of the time bloggers share out of date or less effective strategies so others can`t stand in front of their blogs.

But I believe in sharing everything. It not only help me gain more readers and followers but also help me to build real relationship with fellow bloggers and run my own blogging courses.

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Efogator: How do you handle the SEO of your blog?
SEO is the way to optimize the blog post in so that It can rank high in search results of search engines.

I do keyword research; write articles with keyword in URL, title and maintaining keyword density. Then I work to get backlinks for the same keyword. I work on every aspect of on-page and off-page optimization.

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Efogator: What are the 5 things you do as a blogger to keep you on the success path?
The only thing that help me to be successful is to care about my readers and give them something which they already are looking for.

Here are the 5 things that I do:
• Research every topic
• Write about trendy topics
• Answer the queries of the readers
• Share on various social networks
• work for branding

Efogator: Which of the blogging platform do you prefer and why?
These days I run various blogs on both WordPress and Blogger. When it comes to compare both platforms, WordPress is always the best platform to launch self hosted blog with complete control.

Whereas on Blogger you do not have control over many things such as hosting, SEO options etc. WordPress self hosted platform offer complete control.

Efogator: In your opinion, why do so many bloggers fail and only few succeed?
The big reason why most of the bloggers fail in blogging is that they focus too much on making money from blog and ignore the basic things like investment, SEO and promotion.

Every bloggers needs to understand that blogging is for those who work for branding not just for money. Once your blog gain authority, no one can stop you from making more money.

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Efogator: What is your next plan for your blogging career?
I am planning to start a community which will help visitors to join and ask any question and others to answer. In this way I will also allow them to gain maximum benefits for the time they spend on my blogging community.

Efogator: In your opinion, is blogging a full time business?
Yes , it is. Look at me; I am full time professional blogger.

Efogator: Which is the Affiliate program you can specifically recommend?
The best affiliate program is that which convert the most and also pays high. For me Bluehost affiliate program and Milesweb affiliate program works best.

Efogator: What do you think made WordPress superior to Blogger?
Blogger is under the control of Google. Google can remove your blog from it`s server anytime and you cannot do anything.

But WordPress gives you full control. Your blog will always be on your server. WordPress also offers plugins to make things easy for you.

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Efogator: What advice do you have for newbie bloggers?
Never make the same mistakes that I have made. Always Learn SEO and basics of blogging before actually start blogging.

Efogator: If you knew what you know today about blogging, what are the things you would have done first before launching your first blog?

I did nothing before launching my first blog. But I took care of everything before launching eAskme. I researched domain name, checked sandbox, created social profiles, created important pages, started writing well researched articles and started promoting them.

Efogator: Which are your 5 favourite WordPress plugins?

I use the following plugins:
Google XML Sitemaps
Yoast SEO
W3 Total Cache

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