Email Marketing: How to Use it to Maximize Your Small Business Potential in 5 Easy Steps

Email marketing is one great tool you can easily use to maximize your small business potential. But how you succeed with this tool depends on your marketing skills and your ability to understand to some extent the human behavior.

Your small business sure needs growth, and everything humanly and legitimately possible has to be done to encourage it. You still don’t get what I am trying to say? Well, what I am saying is that there are ways you can use email marketing to maximize your small business potential in 5 easy steps. Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Get a Reliable e-mail Marketing Service

The first step in email marketing is to get a reliable email marketing service provider. You must understand that there are several email marketing service providers out there but not all of them are good enough to help you maximize your small business potential. When choosing an email platform, therefore, you must look for the following qualities:




Ease of use


Once you have settled the issue of the email marketing service provider, it is time to move ahead with maximizing the service to advance your small business. For these reasons, it would make sense to go for one of GetResponse, Aweber, iContact, Constant Contact, Madmimi, Mailerlite, arpReach, MailChimp, Benchmark email, InfusionSoft or Vertical Response. So what next should you do?

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2. Set up an Autoresponder Series

Autoresponder series that should take charge of your customers have to be put in place. You need to keep in touch with your list in order to get familiar with yourselves and build confidence. Remember that you are setting up a system that helps you get the best out of your small business and improve your earnings in the long run.

You should immediately set up series of friendly messages that should be sent to your customers over a certain period of time until they at least get acquainted with you. Establishing a cordial relationship will help your new subscribers in building some level of confidence in you and then take positive actions whenever you wish them to do so.

3. Maintain Blog Update

It is not just enough to set up autoresponder series and then go to sleep. You must keep an open communication with your list. Updating your blog regularly and using your email to get in touch with your customers is one good way of keeping them abreast of the happenings in your business.

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Getting in contact with your list immediately after updating your blog is a nice way of increasing the interactivity in your business community. The more the communication the more confidence is built. This makes your customers to be highly informed about the happenings in your business.

They are aware when there are changes in your business or when they need to take surveys or any other action that could help move your business forward. They even grow to the point of seeing themselves as a part of your small business.

4. Promos/Giveaways

You may be surprised that even big businesses run promos and giveaways on their websites. This is because they have the potential to increase customer base, increase profitability, and retain new visitors. One tool you can use to get the news across is your email marketing.

Since those on your mailing list are more likely to take action, it would always be wise to get in touch with them whenever you run promos or giveaways on your site. Apart from being the first to be in the know of what is going on (they get the information faster through your emails), they are also more likely to share your promo links with friends and colleagues.

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5. Affiliate Marketing

Your small business may never make you rich if you do not monetize your system. One good way to earn money as a business man (hope you know that even your blog is a business?) is to set up a system that generates money for you.

With email marketing, you can easily recommend the products you are promoting to your customers, and because they trust you they will always buy thereby helping to maximize your small business potential.


Email marketing remains a vital part of small business success. Don’t wait until you have a big business before you can get involved in email marketing. Start it now and very soon you will start reaping the benefits.

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Theodore Nwangene is a blogger and Freelance Writer. He’s currently on a journey to help bloggers and entrepreneurs write kick-ass contents, build a better and profitable blog, increase visibility and boost their online authority. He is just wrote a kindle book titled: 21 Writing Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Writing Compelling Articles That Will Open Doors and Land you Clients. Click Here to Get Your Free PDF Copy Now




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