Donating a Car, the Basics

Do you live in California and would like to donate car to charity, or you want to make a car donation to a charity based in California?

If your answer to either questions is yes, then you are in the right place; I will be sharing with you tips that will make donate car to charity very easy.

You are reading this because you need to figure out how to go about making your car donation. As a way of life is, many plans have never been put into practice and as a result they remained just a desire burning within.

This probably may be because the planers did not know how to execute their plans. Therefore, in the case of donating a car, you need to decide whether you would execute the car donation yourself or you would engage the services of a professional car donation company.

To start with, firstly you only need to call a charity home or office in your location, California, Sacramento, or wherever you are located in the US and it will be taken up from there.

Remember, unlike the case in any other donation, car donation requires some thoughts, planning and research. First, you need to clarify your objectives in donating a car in California or any other part in the US.

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1. Donating a Car, but why?

The first issue you must resolve is the reasons behind your decision to donating a car. are you motivated by sheer good will or are you looking at how to enjoy some benefits for yourself? Do you intend to claim your donation as a tax write off?

2. Donating a car, is Your Spouse in Support?

The second issue you must consider before donating a car is the issue of agreeing with your spouse to donate your car to charity or donate your car for kids.

3. Donating a Car, Who will be the Beneficiary?

No matter the reasons for your donating a car, you must chose who the beneficiary of the said car will be, and your criteria in choosing a beneficiary must be well defined. Are you donating car to charity or you are donating car for kids?

Avenues for Donating a Car

• Donate Car for Tax Credit
• Donate Car for orphanage Homes
• Donate Car for Security Use
• Donate Car for Community Use

Your answers to the above will help you narrow down your search for a suitable beneficiary organization in order to help you get fulfilled after making your car donation.

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