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Data Recovery System – Finding Your Best Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery is the process of recovering inaccessible or corrupt data from digital media which has been corrupted or damaged in one way or the other.

Data Recovery is used in recovering data from various devices such as Tapes, Mobile Phones, Hard Disk Drives, Data Cartridges, Memory Cards, Xboxes, Personal Digital Assistants, Floppy Disks, CDs, DVDs and other storage devices.

Data Recovery Software

In many cases, data recovery is an easy process; however, it can be an exhaustive process in some cases thereby requiring detailed analysis to recover the data. For instance, an Australian data recovery company named Kroll Ontrack, was able to recover about 99% of the data from a hard drive that was on the Challenger space craft when it disintegrated upon re-entry.

Major Causes Of Data Loss Include:

Data loss can be caused by so many factors some of which are as follows: electro-mechanical failure, accidental deletion, natural disaster, hard drive failure, software bugs, data corruption, viruses, data corruption, hacking or sabotage, human error, even a simple power failure can cause your device to lose data.

There are still more extreme cases like a recovered hard drive from a plane crash; amazingly, in this case, a data recovery specialist can recover data from such storage device that’s been almost completely destroyed.

Advantages of Data Recovery System

There are so many benefits of this system for individuals and organizations alike.

1. Data Recovery Improved Business Processes
This is because business processes undergo such a regular analysis and scrutiny; therefore, analysis almost can’t help but find areas for improvement.

2. Data Recovery Improved technology
As an individual or corporate entity, you will often need to improve IT systems to support recovery objectives that you developed plans. The attention you pay to data recoveries often leads to making your IT systems more consistent and effective.

3. Data Recovery Results In Higher Quality Services
Because of your improved processes and technologies, your services becomes so improved, this imparts positively internally and on customers and supply chain partners.

4. Data Recovery Gives Competitive Advantages
It gives you or a company an edge over other competitors. You will agree with me that price reduction isn’t necessarily the only point on which companies compete for business.

Disadvantages of Data Recovery

You should bear in mind that data recovery also retrieves files you really want deleted. These files may contain data that you will not want anyone else to see or view; they may be pictures, videos or certain implicating information.

For instance, you are selling your old devices like computer, you may be too confident that you have deleted such implicating data out of it, unknown to you, someone out there may use data recovery software to recover lost data thereby having access to data you never wanted anybody to see.

5 Advantages of Data Recovery Software

There are various ways of recovering lost data, but I am going to talk about the use of software for data recoveries. There are software designed for this task, they are called “Data Recovery Software” Are you aware that you can recover almost all or most of your lost files using suitable recovery software?

Though, depending on the cause of data loss, data recovery software is engaged to restore lost data. In this age of technological advancements, good number of software exists in the data recovery market.

1. Data Recovery Software Saves Time
These software has the capacity to recover lost or corrupted data as fast as possible. The process is swift, efficient and restores data in a matter of minutes.

2. Data Recovery Software is economically viable
There will be no need to consult data recovery companies, these software are affordable and comes customized for basic home services and organizational services.

3. Data Recovery Software is Versatile
These software can handle any type of data loss and are designed to suit various types of storage devices; this speaks volumes of their versatility.

4. Data Recovery Software is Available Online
These software are available to anyone that can access the internet. Therefore, individuals and corporate users can purchase and download a copy of data recovery software directly from its manufacturer’s website without any hassle.

5. Data Recovery Software comes with Lifetime support and utility
Every user can access a lifelong support and utilities after purchasing the software. You can also use the relevant utilities as long as you use the software.

How to Find Best Data Recovery Software

Finding the best data recovery software is very vital to ensure a successful recovery of your lost data. Because of so much product reviews scattered all over the internet, intending data recovery software buyers often get confused about the choice to make.

Because the reviews writers are paid to write, you will not read about a single “flaw” of the software. Is it truly possible that the software does not have even a single fault? Was the software designed and developed by God almighty or a team of anglels?

Therefore, be aware of such paid reviews and be careful when looking out for efficient software to recover your lost data.

Steps to Find Best Data Recovery Software

To start with, you don’t have to depend on reviews. Neither do you need to stick to any specific software. Rather, inspect the functionalities of the software, its accuracy and its simplicity.

Step 1 – Open Google or Bing.

Step 2 – Type “Data Recovery software companies” in the search box.

Step 3 – Visit websites of a few companies in separate tabs.

Step 4 – Download the trial versions of the software from different companies.

Data Recovery System

Now, prepare a setup to test these trial versions. But before you do that, please understand that the free or trial versions of these software work similar to the paid versions, just that you are not allowed to save the recovered data. However, you will be able to check the worth of the recovered data.


Do not use the this free or trial version on the exact device from which you want to recover your lost data, because if it does not work well, you may as well say goodbye to the lost data even with another tool. That’s why, after Step 4 above” I mentioned the need to prepare a setup.

How to Prepare Setup for testing the Best Data Recovery Software

1. Copy or move the free trial versions of the tool to any other computer. Note that this PC should not be the one from which you need to perform the actual data recovery.

2. Now, on this other pc, install the first trial version.

3. After installation, intentionally delete some files, folders, etc. using the SHIFT + Del key. This key deletes the data without moving it first to the Recycle Bin folder. You can also format a partition to perform the recovery.

Testing and Finding the Best Software to Recover the Lost Data

1. Once the deletion process is completed, launch the free trial version.

2. Browse the hard disk partition from which you have deleted the data. If you have formatted a partition, select that.

3. Start the scanning process.

4. Now, stay relaxed and do whatever you want to do because this process will take some time depending on the amount of the data to be recovered.

5. After the scanning process has been completed, you will see a list of the data recovered from the selected hard disk partition.

6. Analyze that data based on the percentage of recovery, quality, etc.

If you find that more than 60-70% recovery has been done and the quality is good as well, you can purchase a license key for this particular Data Recovery software. If the percentage of data recovery is less than 60% or the quality is not good, you can uninstall this trial version and repeat the above process once again with another trial version until you find the best Data Recovery software to recover the your data.

When you have found the best Data Recovery software of your choice, install its licensed version on the PC where you want to perform the real recovery and run it.

Please note this, in the case where there is severe damage or corruption of the data storage device, the percentage of recovered data can be less than 60%, but in such cases, little software often provides raw recovery. You are very free to go ahead with software.

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