Can Paid Ads Increase Google Adsense Earnings?

Hello guys, I have about 20k I want to pump into paid ads for my entertainment blog to boost Earnings with Google, but I have heard Google doesn’t like paid ads.

Please, I need advise on this. Should I go ahead with the paid earnings (I need a boost earning boost ASAP)? And if I want to go this way, which paid ads mode should I use? Twitter promoters? Facebook Ads? Nairaland Ads? Which is the best and fastest with ROI? Thank you.

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1. RapportNaija: Who said Adsense doesnt like paid ads? I have seen sites with adsense that run paid ads on google adwords!

But for your blog, i would recommend Facebook ads… Get the secrets and do it well. If it doesnt turn to page views and ads clicks, just leverage it for your FB page likes and get shares.

Okay. Thanks. I wanna ask…If someone spends like $50 on Facebook Ads, like how much is the least one should expect back in Google Adsense earnings?

2.Kayo80: it depends on how your content are targeted and the people reached so since AdSense paid per click so its hard to say what’s going to be the ROI but if you get a very good fb campaign then you can get higher ROI

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3. Arewa12: If you want to spend money on paid adverts then you need to make sure your ads are well placed so that people will click on them or you won’t make up to $20 even if you spend $50 advertising…

Most people that advertise are using black tricks, (that is hiding adsense behind images and asking the people to click the images, unknown to them it is adsense)…

I have adsense placed inside my posts which help me get most of my clicks everyday… So if you place your ads very well, you might make a good amount of money.. Especially with page level ads and native ads.

4.Kayo80:I remember spending $20 on ads and I got jsut $5 back… I lose over $15…

But I run a health blog, and yours is an entertainment blog, if you placed your ads very well. Then you might make more… Remember placing ads in between posts (those are the best)..

Also you can convert your traffic into subscribers so that you will never lack traffic again… $50 is around 20,000 and that can get you around 10,000 – 20,000 users straight to your side… If you understand email marketing very well.

Then you can convert 500 – 1,000 of these users into subscribers… You can get a sure 200 – 500 pageviews everyday with these amount of subscribers.

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5. Nmreports: There are three things that impact on your adsense earnings:

1. Content.
2. Ads placement area.
3. Traffic.

All other methods are jokes.

1. If your content sucks, your bounce rate would be high. If content is good and you do number 2 properly, it helps you earn more.

2. When readers read your interesting contents and the ads is right there where the most interesting sentence is and visitors have to stay on that part to read with those ads staring at them in the face then you earn more.

3. The more the traffic the possibility of you earning high.

6. Kayo80: Make I no lie you, your $50 fb ads will not get you past $20 for a new blog. Infact I doubt you will make up to $10.

Reasons being:
1. Nigerian traffic: It is the worse you can ever expect as advertisers in the country don’t bid past 0.1 . it is between 0.01 to 0.09 even if you get mad traffic.All you’ll have is impression and few poor clicks. Which will annoy you at the end. RPM is a major determinant. If you have 10,000views from fb traffic and your RPM seats at 0.5 to $1. Your earnings won’t move past $10.Study how to increase RPM ,read about the tricks. Cause RPM is the major determinant factor of your loss…or profit

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2. The kind of post you promoting and your targeting: Most posts attract only likes and not clicks.while some attracts shares and click.If the latter is your case. them I’m sorry,all you’ll get are likes likes and few poor clicks.

My point is: forget it that you’ll make any profit from your first fb ads. It will most likely be for experiments and ad optimisation for your next ads. You’ll need to set a targeting that converts and the posts controversial enough to garner shares and clicks..

I will advise that you use $30 to run fb like ads. And $20 to run an experimental ad. You won’t make any profit just yet. Don’t raise your hopes and get disappointed target should be Google search traffic from U S. Which is why I’ll advise against entertainment blogging.Will you run ads for life? And can you keep up?

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