Blog Comments Tips to Get Approved

The benefits of blog comments are so numerous; blog comment has long been a highly used method for building backlinks to your website and at the same time generating more traffic to your own blog if properly done.

It is one thing to comment on blogs, and it is another thing for your comments to be approved. There are software for blog comments but I will not advice you to use any of these monsters.

There are blogs today that receives large some of comments immediately their post goes live, such blogs like AdrienneSmith, Aha-Now and Problogger to mention but a few.

Owing to the abuse of blog comments in the past, so many blog owners and search engines have completely discounted the value of blog commenting and comment links in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value.

This is because most persons that do blog comments does not know that the primary focus should be to build a relationship with each other, share your genuine opinion on the subject and not just to get a juice from it.

In view of this, most blog owners have deactivated their comment box; some activated the CAPTCHA strategy where you are asked to enter certain codes before you can post your comments, while some others made it mandatory that you must sign in before you can comment on their blogs.

All these are measures are put in place to check the activities of people abusing blog comment.

Today, so many blogs have the no-follow attribute applied to their comments area and a great number of bloggers have turned off commenting all together.

Now, how do I have my comments quickly approved?

1. Write relevant blog comments

Your comment must be relevant to the post in view, if otherwise, it should be to ask questions still within the blog’s coverage. Commenting on a blog posts means that you are actually communicating to the right people who are interested in the subject matter and the chances of them responding even to your comment are high.

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2. Manually post your blog comments

It is possible to use automated software to do blog commenting, but it is not ideal. Manual posting is more acceptable and rewarding.

Posting blog comments manually enables you to get a gist of what the post is all about and what other readers have said about the same post; this enables you come up with enticing comments that will address their needs as well and is likely to result in increased relationship ties between you and other commenter.

3. Read the Blog Post First

The first thing to do before penning down a comment on a blog post is to read at least read through the introduction or glance through the points raised on such a post. However, it is vital that you read the entire blog post to be acquainted with the post before doing blog comments.

This is very crucial because if you are trying to build up a reputation in your blog niche, then you should understand that one silly and uninformed comment from you could ruin your personality and career.

4. Keep It Short and Precise

It is not the best to write loads of information or an essay of reply, because the best blog comments are ones that are short, sweet and simple but yet offer an informative point of view or a comment that makes sense.

blog comments are meant to be concise because the main information had been written in the blog, so make sure you sum up what you need to say in no more than two paragraph or three.

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5. Don’t Just Spam

Spam is one major threat in the blogosphere; I suffered from this VIRUS called spam commenting in my early days of blogging. I had a post in my blog that was receiving over 15 comments daily for the period of about 5 months

Guess what; at the end of the day, that particular page in my blog could not be opened any more. I had to delete all the comments totaling 970.

Every genuine blogger wishes that he gets so much blog comments but let spam commenting die away; and for webmasters, this is also a very great issue of concern. Therefore, do not spam other people’s blog post and believe that your blog comment will be approved.

6. Check Your Spelling and Grammar

You must understand that the blog comment you leave on a blog post reflects your person and your business, if it is full of typos and grammatical errors, then this doesn’t really present you in the best of light to both the post author and other cementers.

You don’t need to be a PhD holder before you can do blog comment effectively. Just take some time to check your comment and make sure it reads well and flows naturally before posting.

You can use Microsoft word to type and test your comment. This is vital if you want to build up an authority over time with your comments.

7. Write Comment for Individual Post

Do not just write one blog comment then begin to post it on every blog post you see, every blog post has its focus and points, which is why you must read the post first before making your post.

Write individual comment for every individual post you want to comment on even if these posts are in the blog.

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8. Be Calm When Writing a Comment

Unlike your own blog post or blog comment in your own blog, you cannot edit or delete the comment you made in another person’s blog. Therefore, take your time when writing a comment because once you post your comment, they will be there as long as that blog stays.

Make sure your blog comments are quality, relevant and related to the blog post in view. You can only achieve this if you are calm during writing your blog comment.

9. Read Your Comment before Posting

Before you finally publish your blog comment, make sure you read through it properly and make corrections where necessary. This is because everybody out there has different ways of understanding things in life; the way your comment may sound in your ears is not the way it will sound in the ears of others. Make corrections where necessary.

Tricks for getting good blogs where you can do blog comment, get approved quickly and profit from them.

To get some very profiting blogs to comment on, you have to know the right keyword to use in search of such blogs. Below are few examples of keywords or phrases you can type into Google search box to generate good and relevant blogs to comment on:

“Add comment” Your Keywords

“Post comment” Your Keywords

“Write comment” Your Keywords

Your Keywords “leave a comment” / “leave comment”

Your Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments”

Your Keywords “This site uses KeywordLuv”

Your Keywords “Enable CommentLuv”

Your Keywords “You can use these tags”

Your Keywords “Powered by BlogEngine.NET”

Your Keywords “Allowed HTML tags:”

Your Keywords “top commenter”

Hope this post helps your blogging career?. Expect my next post!

God bless you for commenting!


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