Best WordPress Plugin to Display Ads (4)

Do you want to insert ads or widgets on your WordPress website with all easy? Search no more; there are couples of best wordpress plugin around that can help achieve this.

There are so many best wordpress plugin, but I want to introduce to you today one of the very best wordpress plugins.

Ad Inserter – Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is a simple yet powerful solution to insert any code into WordPress. Ad Inserter is perfect for Adsense or contextual Amazon ads. Simply enter any HTML/Javascript/PHP code and select where and how you want to display it.

Ad Inserter Automatic Display Options:

• Display Before Content (before post or page text)
• Display Before Selected Paragraph
• Display After Selected Paragraph
• Display After Content (after post or page text)
• Display Before Title (does not work with all themes)
• Display Before Excerpt (on blog pages)
• Display After Excerpt (on blog pages)

Paragraph number for Automatic Display Options Before and After Paragraph:

• 0 means random paragraph position
• value between 0 and 1 means relative position in post or page (e.g. 0.3 means paragraph 30% from top or bottom)
• 1 or more means paragraph number

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Paragraphs can be counted from top or from bottom. It is also possible to count only paragraphs that contain/do not contain certain text or count only paragraphs that have some minimum number of words. If more than one text is defined (comma separated) and “contain” is selected then the paragraph must contain ALL texts.

You can also define paragraph tags. Normally only tags are used. If you post contains also or header tags you can define comma separated list of tags used to count paragraphs (e.g. p, div, h2, h3). WARNING: Each code block you insert on post adds one block unless you use No wrapping style.

Before Paragraph will insert code before , After Paragraph will insert code after closing . After Paragraph will not work if you specify tag names that have no closing tags!

Ad Inserter Additional Display Options:

• As a Widget – Simply drag Ad Inserter widget to any position, select code block and you’re done
• Manual – Insert shortcode [ad inserter block=”BLOCK_NUMBER”] or [ad inserter name=”BLOCK_NAME”] into post or page HTML code to display block with BLOCK_NAME name or BLOCK_NUMBER number at this position
• PHP function call – Insert code block BLOCK_NUMBER at any position in template file

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Ad Inserter  More Options:

• Use {category}, {short category}, {title}, {short title}, {tag}, {smart_tag} or {search_query} tags to insert actual post data into code blocks
• Use {author} for post author username or {author_name} for post author name to insert post author data into code blocks (works only inside posts)
• To rotate different ad versions separate them with |rotate|

Ad Inserter Display Block to:

• All users (default)
• Logged in users
• Not logged in users

Ad Inserter Display Block on:

• All devices (default)
• Desktop devices
• Mobile devices (tablets and phones)
• Tablet devices
• Phone devices
• Desktop and tablet devices
• Desktop and phone devices

PLEASE NOTE: Use server-side device type detection only when you need to generate code blocks based on device type. In all other cases switch it off.

Client-side detection of mobile/desktop devices works always as it is done in visitor’s browser. CSS media queries and browser’s screen width are used to show or hide Ad Inserter code blocks:

• Desktop: 980 pixels or more
• Tablet: from 768 pixels to 979 pixels
• Phone: less than 768 pixels

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Ad Inserter works perfectly with responsive designs as they use CSS media queries.

Ad Inserter Block Alignment and Style:

• No Wrapping (leaves ad code as it is, otherwise it is wrapped by a div)
• Custom CSS (Custom CSS code for wrapping div)
• None (simple div with thin margin)
• Align Left
• Align Right
• Center
• Float Left (ad on left with wrapped text on right)
• Float Right (ad on right with wrapped text on left)

More info about this best wordpress plugin here

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