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Hello fans, welcome to, a blog committed to tutoring on “How To Make Money With a Blog”

I am presenting an opportunity to you to become a guest writer in this blog, there are many benefits that you can enjoy; I know you will not want to be left out of these great benefits.

This blog is basically dedicated to blogging tips & tutorials; this among few other things informed my decision to make this blog opened for everyone who can write in English to become a guest writer in this new blog. is like an online magazine that publishes useful information, latest trends and reviews on how to make money with a blog; we also cover general blogging tips & tricks, blogging tutorials, blog promotion, social networking and all blogging related.

This blog is therefore opened to every class of persons: Bloggers, Facebookers, Students, Housewives etc to become guest writer on blogging tips & tutorials or write articles using any of the keywords as listed above in this blog.

Guest posting is a great way to share your views, experiences, opinions, ideas etc and tips with like-minded people and more importantly to help others overcome their challenges.

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More importantly, guest writing is a fantastic way to promote your personality, your own blog (if you have one), products or social media profiles, guest writing boosts your personal CV.

Here at Center for Exclusive Blogging Tips & Tutorials Tips, I personally welcome your guest writing submissions and would love to publish your articles to all my readers; my readers will want to learn from you as well.

We do have a few simple rules to guide you in writing articles for publication on Center for Exclusive Blogging Tips & Tutorials Tips.

Here are my major rules:

1. Article must be written in English.
2. Article must on blogging tips & tutorials or as listed above
3. Article must not exist somewhere else on the internet.
4. Article must add value to readers
5. We do not promote links to your clients’ site.

You are the most qualified to be a guest writer blogging tips & tutorials for this blog, so what are you waiting for, become a guest writer and add feathers to your CV.

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