“Authority” WordPress Theme Review and Setup Tutorial

Hello fans, it is with great delight that I want to introduce this all time and long awaited WordPress theme to you. It is called “Authority” WordPress theme from “MyThemshop” I am a theme freak, I love themes a lot and I love changing from one theme to the other.

But since I got this theme “Authority”, even though I have changed it so many times, I find myself re-installing it again and again. I must say, it is an awesome WordPress theme for every blogger who is passionate about blogging and wants to enjoy the best of theme functionalities.

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Like I said earlier, I never used to settle with one theme. I have a theme today, tomorrow I have another and probably few more theme changes time and again.

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Do you know why some bloggers change their themes frequently? I know it may be a bit annoying for at least few regular readers. Still I used to change my theme regularly. The urge to change the theme occurs when we see a new theme with attractive features. We then think of trying the new one and see how it works.

At last, I have decided to stick with this current theme “Authority” from MyThemshop for a long time as I am fascinated by its layout, color combinations and functionalities.

I am pretty sure this is the long wanted theme that my inner mind has been looking for as a blogger.

Mathew Woodward

Talking about this theme without mentioning Mathew Woodward will be very unfair; Kudos to you man for this stunning theme.

Who is Mathew Woodward? Mathew Woodward is an award winning six-figure internet marketing blogger and international keynote speaker who was behind the stunning design of this theme.

authority pro theme, authority theme in social work, schema theme wordpress, mythemeshop themes, matthew woodward

After having an in-depth research about what are the absolute requirements in his theme, he hired experts to model his theme in the way how it looks now. ‘Authority theme’ is the one he used on his blog that makes him earn millions of dollars in a very short span of time.

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Get your “Authority” Wp Theme it here

Let see some reasons why you should buy WordPress themes from MyThemeshop.

1. Magazine Style Layout

The magazine layout is optional, and if you want, you can have a classic blog style layout instead.

2. Amazon Style Review Stars

These are integrated beautifully and you can create 5 of your own categories by which to assign review stars. You assign them as you so desire, watch the video.

3. Maximum Conversion Layout

If you want, you can remove the header links and any other method to navigate away from the current page, thereby increasing the chance of someone clicking on your affiliate link. 
I personally don’t like this feature as it would only frustrate me as a user and I would be more inclined to press the ‘back’ button, but that’s just my opinion.

4. Cloaking Affiliate Links

You may not notice but all affiliate links are cloaked as well. This is all done through a plugin which is included in the package and is a very handy, time saving feature. I talk more about this further on in my review (see below).

authority pro theme, authority theme in social work, schema theme wordpress, mythemeshop themes, matthew woodward

Creating a review site is just one example of an application of this theme and of course, you could easily implement a blog style look and feel. For the more advanced users, you can easily integrate Google Website Optimizer for split testing, so you can work out which pages convert the best.

5. SEO Functionality

Another useful feature of Authority Pro is in its SEO functionality. Search engine optimization has been completely taken care of. It enables you to assign a specific SEO title, description, and keywords down to the post level which is necessary when targeting traffic from specific keyword phrases.

As I mentioned earlier, what attracted to me to the Thesis theme was its SEO capabilities and Authority Pro has similar SEO features in addition to many others not mentioned in this review.

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Download “Authority” Wp Theme it here

To truly appreciate just how customizable this theme is, I recommend watching the video they provide to see just how easy it is to create whatever look and feel you like. The best part is there is no need to touch one line of code!

6. Squeeze Page Generator

Authority Pro comes with a squeeze page generator plugin, making it super easy to create a squeeze page. These pages are a useful marketing tool in order to create a subscriber list.

authority pro theme, authority theme in social work, schema theme wordpress, mythemeshop themes, matthew woodward

By way of demonstration of just how easy it is to be up and running like any seasoned internet marketer (at least you will appear that way if your site is anything to go by!), I set myself the task of creating a squeeze page, something which has previously taken me a lot longer with other themes.

Bear in mind, this is very, very basic and I kept everything above the fold (above the fold meaning without the need for scrolling) for the sake of capturing the image, but I am sure you get the idea.
Authority Pro Theme Review Squeeze Page

Honestly, this took me about 10 minutes to create and I have to say, I was quite impressed. I think now that I know what I am doing; it will take me less time in future.

The squeeze page generator comes with two different style themes to choose from, but in my opinion, simplicity is best. You can also easily integrate either Aweber or GetResponse auto-responder providers as well. This is great if you already have accounts with them and don’t wish to change.

Download “Authority” Wp Theme it here

Theme Functionalities

One major factor that attracted me so much to “Authority” is its manifold functionalities, listed below are some of these functions:

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General Settings
Add Touch Icon for Apple Devices
Use Your Twitter Username
Upload Your Own Logo
AJAX Quick Search Enable/Disable
Right To Left (RTL) Support Option
Option for Metro Icon
FeedBurner Option Included
Insert Code in Header Easily
Upload Your Own Favicon
Paste Code in Footer Easily
Responsive Enable/Disable Option
4 Different Pagination Options
Choose Number of Producgs for Shop Page

Styling Options
Use Parallax Effect in BG
Choose Your Own Brand Colors
Site Background Can be Changed Easily
Space for Update-Proof Custom CSS
Option to Use Secondary Color Scheme
2 Different Layout Style Options
Use Pattern or Solid Color as BG
Upload Custom Image as BG
Lightbox Included

Performance Options
Use JavaScript in ASync Mode
Remove Ver Parameters with One Click
Enable/Disable Prefetching
Option to Use Or Disable Lazy Load
Optimize WooCommerce Scripts

Header Options
Enable Floating Menu
Show or Hide Logo
Header Social Icon Options Provided
Choose Header BG
Upload Custom Image as Header BG
Use Parallax in Header
Show Awards or PArtners in Header
Show or Hide Navigation MenChoose Menu Background
Show or Hide Cart Link
Parallax Effect for Menu Background
Enable or Disable Account Links
Social Icons Included
Show/Hide Header Search Form
Select Pattern or Image for Menu Background

Single Post Options
Option Hightlight Author Comments
Single Post Customizer
Organize Meta Info
Enable/Disable Breadcrumbs
Drag and Drop Sections
Show/Hide Date In Comments

Homepage Options
Select Excerpts or Full Text
Select Categories For Homepage
Configure Homepage Meta Info
Option To Enable Full Width Featured Image
Show or Hide Comment Count
Show or Hide “Leave a Reply” Link


Integrated Social Buttons
Advanced Typography Options
Built-In Ad Management
Import / Export Options to Backup Theme Settings
Unlimited Sidebars Supported
Advanced Translation Settings

Footer Options
Configure Footer Background
Enable or Disable Footer Widgets
Use Custom Copyright Text

Watch setup Authority video

Download “Authority” Wp Theme it here

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