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In this explosive and eye-opening interview, Shamsudeen reveals certain truths that may blow your mind, this is in the sense that he will make you understand that you were not the only one that had something to worry about blogging.

1. Please tell us your name.
Ans: Hi Emebu, My name is Adeshokan Shamsudeen.

2. Tell us where you are from and a little about yourself.
Ans: Thanks for the opportunity to be interview here; like I said above….My is Shamsudeen Adeshokan, a Nigerian by birth, born and raised up in Lagos state. I had all my educational studies in Lagos. Though, my state of origin is Ibadan – capital city of Oyo state.

Married and bless with children, I love smartphones and just about anything that will connect me with the internet. Spend most of my time on computers; on average, I spent 14 hours a day on my computers doing this or that.

3. Tell us about your blog.
Ans: My blog? Okay. It may interest you to know that is my first attempt on WordPress and has been the only blog that survive so far with me. After starting the blog back in 2012, I have set up other blog project but none survive or turn in to anything worthwhile.

Initially, I set up the blog to learn about WordPress and blogging, but it has from that time evolved to something bigger than that. CyberNaira has now positioned me as someone beginner’s bloggers look up to for practical advice in blogging and a blogging coach.

4. What is your purpose of blogging?
Ans: As weird as my answer could sound here, but it is the truth and I know most people will argue that it is a wrong approach to start a blog…..but anyway, it is the truth.

I jump into blogging because of the earning potential as I never heard of the word before. I was sold the perfect lie that blogging could easily make one rich and live the dot com life style.

That was what entices me to go into it; as at the time, I was jobless and looking for another job.

So when I heard of the earning potential blogging could bring, I quickly jump on the bandwagon.

But after a few months into blogging and reading through blogs like, copyblogger and entrepreneur-journey, I found a new purpose, a new reason to continue blogging…….my purpose now go from the “Money factor” to helping beginners bloggers with what am learning in blogging so they too could build a successful blogging career.

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5. What were the challenges you faced at the beginning of your blogging career?
Ans: There are lots of challenges, it will be very hard to pin-point one or two…but I think networking is one area I found very challenging in the beginning of my blogging career. Maybe been an introvert that I am or something else…

And writing too was one task or activities that scared me to death. In fact, I almost took to publishing PLR articles on the blog, because I just don’t know what to write or figured out how other bloggers do it.

There are many challenges, but I think those two really pose a BIGGER threat.

6. How long have you been blogging?
Ans: Is been three years now since I started blogging and come July 3rd… first blog on WordPress will be three years old.

7. What is your main source of traffic generation?
Ans: For the moment, my number 1 traffic channel is Google followed by social media – Facebook leads the park in social traffic.

8. If your blog generates income, what is your main source of income in your blog?
Ans: My blog do generates income, affiliate marketing has been my single source of earning and I strongly recommend that every blogger wanting to make money from their blogging activities to try it with affiliate marketing.

It is very good and a reliable way to monetize your blog content for big pay day than what any third party display advertising agent will give you.

9. Who are the 4 bloggers that has inspired you so much?
Ans: In no special order: Darren Rowse, YaroStarak, Brian Clark and Neil Patel.

10. In this age of high competition in blogging, what do you do to stand out?
Ans: There is something I learned from Neil Patel which I want to share with everyone here.

When you start publishing content that are “hard” for other people to reproduce, content that the more other bloggers in your niche try to duplicate it, the more they discover they can’t just produce something similar because is very too hard to write, then you’re standing out from the crowd and getting noticed.

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So, writing original content is not enough to get noticed in our today’s over crowded market, you need also to come up with something remarkable, something that will keep people awake at midnight just to read your content.

11. How do you handle the SEO of your blog?
Ans: This is a very technical question, I don’t know how well to answer this but I would say I use YoastWordpress SEO.

That’s the shortest and only answer I can give here so I don’t get people mis-informed.

12. What are the 5 things you do not do as a blogger to keep you on the success path?
Ans: Oh! Emebu… say I don’t do these or that thing as a blogger would mean am not been sincere, because I may say I don’t use Adsense on my blog today, and come tomorrow I have a blog full of Adsense ads on it.

So anything that will make my blog better for its users and increase revenue are what I do.

13. Which of the blogging platform do you prefer and why?
Ans: Well, when I was stepping into blogging the “gurus” told me “Wordpress” so I started my blog on WordPress, I don’t know why but is just WordPress everywhere.

14. In your opinion, why do so many bloggers fail and only few succeed?
Ans: Lack of clarity and patient. And many who fail with their blog don’t know what blogging is about before jumping into it, so when the going got tough, the fain hearted get worn out and quit.

Most people will tell you that many bloggers fail in their blogging career because “they we’re into blogging for the money”, yes that sounds really true but I don’t agree with that.

Let’s face it….except that your blog is not a business to you then you may not be expecting money from your blogging activities. Who else want to start a business and not expecting any income from it?

Starting a blog based on the income potential is never a wrong idea, but what is wrong is when you don’t want to give in what it takes to make that blog a success and you’re just looking for magic bullet or short cut which you will never find anywhere.

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15. What is your next plan for your blogging career?
Ans: Well…am starting a blog on WordPress themes in couple of weeks coming. That’s my next blog project for now.

16. In your opinion, is blogging a full time business?
Ans: I have been asked this same question a couple of weeks ago and my short answer is YES and NO.

Yes, if blogging mean business to you and No, if blogging is that thing they called hobby to you.

To me, blogging is a full time business and should be for everyone who determines to make a full-time living from their blogging activities.

Considering the entire time-consuming task, tedious task and lots of technicalities that go behind building a successful blogging career, it will be very hard not to see blogging as a full-time business.

Thank you Emebu for having me here today in front of your valuable readers, am so grateful and hope to be here some other time.



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