An Interview with a Blogger from Punjab, Pakistan: Adeel Sami

Today, our blogging interview is bringing you an interview from far away Chenab in province of Punjab in Pakistan, he is a man that most of you might have known in the blogosphere, and he is a regular commenter in most popular blogs.

In this interview, Adeel answered well over a dozen very important questions you or many other bloggers might have been asking. Let go over to the interview.

1. Please tell us your name
A: My name’s Adeel and full name is Mirza Adeel Sami

2. Tell us where you are from and a little about yourself
A: I live in a small village named Chenab Nagar in province Punjab, Pakistan. It is located side by side to a river. I am married and father of a beautiful son named “Affan” who is one and a half years old.

3. Tell us about your blog
A: My blog is, I blog about blogging which I so love to read, learn, apply, and share. Being in such a country where connecting with like-minded people is hard (actually hard to find in person), my blog is the best medium to get connected with them coming from any part of the world.

4. What is your purpose of blogging?
A: The primary purpose is to share what I know to actually serve the people who are in need to find such information to help them with their blogging journey. Frankly speaking, to become an authority in the field of blogging which is my target for near future?

5. What were the challenges you faced at the beginning of your blogging career?
A: I didn’t know anything. Didn’t know anyone. Didn’t even know what blog was all about, SEO, social media, etc. to help me take my blog to next level in terms of getting people landed on my blog. Those were I thought impossible to learn because I believed (at that time) that these were the things of the people living in the west (which proved me wrong over the time).

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6. How long have you been blogging?
A: I first got introduced with the name of “blog” back in 2004 and I never gave it an importance. I then kept going and got my first domain in 2011 which I updated with less interest.

Then I registered my domain name with my own name in August, 2013 and kept it sitting duck and hardly posted anything. You may say that I wrote one post in about three months.

7. What is your main source of traffic generation?
A: Blog commenting and social media. I am not so good at SEO (still learning) but blog commenting got me noticed in the blogosphere (still lots to go), with it I befriended with great fellow bloggers who further made me to reach to new folks. So, blog commenting and social media are helping me a lot!

If you ask me for just one, I’d say blog commenting is a gem.

8. If your blog generates income, what is your main source of income in your blog?
A: No, I haven’t started earning yet.

9. Who are the 4 bloggers that has inspired you so much?
A: Ryan Biddulph, Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh and Enstine Muki. They are SUPERB!

10. In this age of high competition in blogging, what do you do to stand out?
A: I do just two things:
a) Writing in the format of story-telling.
b) Remain one (just cover one topic with the blog and for me, it is blogging)

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11. How do you handle the SEO of your blog?
A: I do it all myself. Though, I am not so good at SEO but I take maximum advantage of a WordPress plugin named “WordPress SEO by Yoast”. It is the best plugin to help not just the professional bloggers but to every single blogger at any level of their blogging journey.

Just follow their given instructions and you’re good!

12. What are the 5 things you do not do as a blogger to keep you on the success path?
A: Those are:
1- To not get distracted (keep your things clean i.e. laptops, smart phones, etc. from unnecessary things)
2- To not set your blogging schedule.
3- To not check social media while writing.
4- To not work/write late in the night.
5- To not communicate with fellow bloggers and commenters.

13. Which of the blogging platform do you prefer and why?
A: I came to know the word “blog” back in 2004 and at that time, blogger/BlogSpot was the thing. When I bought my own domain in 2011, WordPress was the recommended blogging platform not that it was overwhelmingly used but for its repository of plugins and ease of use.

With WordPress, the ability of sneaking into coding of every part, it is so easy to understand what the codes are about per template and very easy to tweak and play with it. So, WordPress is my teacher who taught me and still teaching me about basic coding.

14. In your opinion, why do so many bloggers fail and only few succeed?
A: The consistency. Blogging is not just about having a random habit. It is just like the real business.

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Habits do change overtime; we may like something else in future and can get bored easily with what we are doing now. When we have to take things seriously, we do have to find the things to make a living out of it.

For example, everybody sports but few just reach to the professional level just because of interest, dedication and consistency. They take their sports that seriously that they get noticed in their areas.

So the same goes for blogging. Make it a business no matter you go for coaching, writing services, maintenance, etc. Just make it a business for yourself.

15. What is your next plan for your blogging career?
A: My near-future plan is to go into business side of blogging like monetize the blog and of course with affiliation.

The long-term plan is to remain in the blogging industry to be able to make a difference. To help as much people as possible and become an authority blogger.

16. In your opinion, is blogging a full time business?
A: It is when you’re doing it as a business.

But it is not something to choose as a full time on day one of blogging. At first, you have to learn it, exercise it, and measure it by giving in your extra timings that you save in form of week-days and week-ends. Do something in leisure; why not practice it on your blog.

When you think your blog requires your full attention and that you’re earning a good amount with continuous rise every month, switch to the full time!



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