His name is Mohd Arif, a freelancer SEO Specialist, Pro blogger and Technical IT Trainer who loves learning new technology and shares his skills with others. With about 3 years Experience in reputed IT firm as a Server Engineer on Linux/Unix/Windows Environment.

Mohd Arif have done MCA(Master of Computer Application) But Now work as a Freelancer and owner of Techube Services Pvt Ltd. Techube Services Pvt. Ltd. is an India base IT company which provide SEO, SMO, Internet Marketing, Web Development and Job Consulting Services.

Now, meet the man Mohd Arif

Efogator: Tell us your full name, where you are from and a little more about yourself
MohdArif: Hi Blessing Emebu, First I want to say thanks to give me an opportunity to share my views and my blogging journey with your audience. I appreciate it lot. It means lot for me.

My full name is MohdArif. I am from Muzaffarnagar, India. I did MCA and worked for some time In Accenture. But I leave my company after six month since I love freedom and joined blogging and Now, I am blogger and Internet Marketer.

Efogator: Tell us about your blog
MohdArif: My blog name is techlazy.com. I cover technology related stuff like latest software, apps and many other useful tools for my audience. Read more blogging tips and tricks

Efogator: What is/are the reason(s) you are blogging?
MohdArif: I was employee of Accenture before blogging but I was not satisfied with my salary and I don’t like to do work under anyone. That’s why I joined blogging and now I do work like a boss and it gives me freedom, I can do work when I want.

Freedom is one of the main reasons, I am blogging.

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Efogator: What were the challenges you faced at the beginning of your blogging career?
MohdArif: Truly, I am very lucky since I have a good friend JyotiChauhan. She guided me all things like how to write Seo friendly articles, how to network with other bloggers and how can I earn good money from my blogs and many more tips.

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Efogator: How long have you been blogging?
MohdArif: I started blogging around August 2014 so I have spent one year plus few days in blogging.

Efogator: What are your main sources of traffic?
MohdArif: My main source of traffic is search engine. I create high quality links to get better ranking in Google. I prefer blog commenting to create backlinks since it helps me to connect with fellow bloggers also.

Efogator: If your blog generates income, what are your main sources of income in your blog?
MohdArif: Yes, my blog generates good income and my main source is sponsored reviews.

Efogator: Who are the 3 bloggers that has inspired you so much?
MohdArif: JyotiChauhan, AnkitSingla and NirmalaSanthkumar

Efogator: In this age of high competition in blogging, what do you do to stand out?
MohdArif: Competition is everywhere. I believe in learning new things and implement at my blog and I always try to provide best information to my audience to stand out from crowd.

Efogator: Which of the blogging platform do you prefer and why?
MohdArif: I started my journey with WordPress platform as Jyoti recommend WordPress to me; WordPress is best platform to blog. I also found it best since it is very user friendly and easy to understand.

Anyone can easily do blogs with WordPress. There are lots of plugin to do every task and lots of beautiful themes are available to give a professional look to the blog.

Efogator: In your opinion, why do so many bloggers fail and only few succeed?
MohdArif: As we all know there are several bloggers who join blogging daily but only few do continue. In my point of view, the main reasons of failure are lack of patience, lack of knowledge and wish to earn money instant, while blogging needs hard work and patience. SEO 2016: The Ultimate Guide To SEO And Getting Traffic From Google

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A person who joins blogging, he needs to first learn, how to blog, how to on page and off page which need times and some newbie bloggers leave blogging in learning period since they think they are working but not making money, They forget one thing, they are learning.

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Efogator: What is your next plan for your blogging career?
MohdArif: I am planning to start some niche blogs and doing affiliate marketing also. I think both will prove good source to take my blogging career to next level.

Efogator: In your opinion, is blogging a full time business?
MohdArif: Yes, blogging is full time business in my opinion. I am also full time blogger. I love my work, I enjoy it very much, it gives me freedom to work any time, go to anywhere and work. I love my blogging life.

Efogator: Which is the Affiliate program you can specifically recommend?
MohdArif: Still now, I don’t do affiliate marketing so I can’t recommend any affiliate program. If I will in future, surely I will share.

Efogator: What do you think made WordPress superior to Blogger?
MohdArif: WordPress blog is completely own. We don’t need to live in fear that Google can delete our blog due to breaking some guidelines.

There are millions of plugins available using them, we can do every task easily and support is also good. That’s why I think WordPress is superior to Blogger.

Efogator: What advice do you have for newbie bloggers?
MohdArif: I would like to give one advice to newbie bloggers, write unique and high quality content. How much detailed content you write.

Moreso Google prefer to rank your blog posts in Google. More traffic means more money. And Create relationship with bloggers. Since networking is very important thing in blogging, you can’t ignore this.

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Efogator: If you knew what you know today about blogging, what are the things you would have done first before launching your first blog?
MohdArif: There is nothing since I did all things which I should have done before launching my blog since I was guided by JyotiChauhan who is a good blogger.

Efogator: Which are your 4 favorite WordPress Plugins?
MohdArif: I used lots of plugins as you asked my 4 favorite plugins, those are below.
1). YoastSeo
2). WP Optimize
3). TinyMCE
4). Jetpack