8 Website Traffic Spying Tools to Boost Your Traffic

Statistics have clearly shown that so many internet based business enterprises fail and only few of them succeeds. There are so many reasons for this but I want to premise this post on website traffic spying tools.

If you are serious about making your online business a real success then you must be engaged in website traffic spying, this is because you need to boost your website traffic as much as you can. Note that website traffic spying helps you estimate the website traffic of your site and that of your competitors as well.

Your ability to generate enough website traffic is what gives life to your online business. However, your business website should be able to generate a very high volume of targeted traffic in order to generate the needed sales in this highly competitive business world, and the best two ways you can do this easily is by engaging in website traffic spying and a pay-per-click or PPC campaign.

However, you must understand that it costs some good money to hold a PPC campaign and that is why you must use website traffic spying method before planning your PPC campaigns. This will help you avoid the waste of your hard earned resources and to really maximize the website traffic that you can generate therein.

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Have you ever wished you knew everything your competitors knew and everything they where up to? The BIG answer is there on the internet, it is absolutely possible and within your reach day and night – website traffic spying is the key.

Therefore, here are 3 Most Powerful tools for website traffic spying:

1. SpyFu.com – Want to know what keywords your competitors are targeting in the search engines? Use this tool to download the list of keywords and adwords they are using.

SpyFu is a website traffic spying tool that exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors. Search for any domain and see every place they’ve shown up on Google: every keyword they’ve bought on Adwords, every organic rank, and every ad variation in the last 6 years.

Learn how to connect with these domains, too. Find online and traditional leads methods — social media, email, phone, and address — you can’t find anywhere else.

2. SEMRush.com – This is a website traffic spying tool that helps you in finding out exactly which keywords your competitors are ranking for in the search engines. If you’re doing ANY sort of SEO – this by far the most potent and relevant tool I will recommend for tapping into uncommon and new traffic sources.

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In addition, SEMRush also allows you to spy on your competitors PPC ads, find out exactly which keywords their bidding on and how much they’re paying, the exact ad copy their using, and much more.

3. Moat.com – This is a unique search engine but also a strong website traffic spying tool that makes it easy to find out what type of banners your competitors are running across the web, see exactly what sort of ads are being run by other competitive online business. This is a very good place to get inspiration and ideas on how to design your own banner ads and be creative about it.

In addition, Moat.com being a very strong website traffic spying tool will also tell you where that ad was last seen – giving you additional intelligence on where to place your own banner ads. Moat has lots of competitive intelligence and marketing goodies for your online business.

4. WhatWPThemeIsThat.com – if you have ever wondered which WordPress theme your competitors used in building their site; this tool will show you exactly which theme it is they used and which plugins they have installed in their WordPress site.

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5. DomainTools.com – this tool helps you find out who owns a particular domain/website and how to contact them. This tool is very useful for contacting potential affiliates.

6. BuiltWith.com – This tool will help you find out what sort of technology your competitors used, things like analytics tools, content delivery networks, server information, advertising partners, hosting provide and many more.

7. SocialAdNinja.com – This is another great website traffic spying tool that enables you spy on your competitors’ adverts.

SocialAdNinja contains over 1000,000+ Facebook advertisements; so it helps you find out exactly which of your competitors ads are performing best on Facebook, their exact landing page, how long the ad has been live and what sort of images they are using.

This website traffic spying tool called SocialAdNinja is a very vital for anyone who is involved in Facebook Marketing.

8. WhoIsHostingthis.com – WhoIsHostingthis is another very little website traffic spying tool that helps you find out which company is hosting any of your competitors’ website.



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