8 Ways to Keep Your Blogging Passion Alive

Are you feeling turned down about your blog, have you ever felt like all the efforts put into blog posts you write are not yielding the desired results?

These feelings may come when you discover that your blog ranking is very low in Alexa and even zero in Google Ranking; it can be as a result of poor traffic and page-views or any other reason.

Well, I have been there, and I am here with the solution for you, if it worked for me, it can work for you too.

Before we continue, it is very vital to point out clearly that “Blogging is a Lucrative Business”

Whenever you have these negative feelings about your blog, the truth is that you can no longer write with passion and as a result, you might worsen the situation. Remember, your blog is all about your person.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to stop writing for a while and do the followings:

1. Stop and Relax

Stress and worries are potential passion killers, stress and worries hinders your ability to be creative in your blogging career; when creativity is not in place passion dies.

Have you not noticed if you’re stressed by paying much attention to a particular issue, it renders you incapable in other areas? Therefore, do something to relax and to de-compress.

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2. Accept what You Can’t Change

Acceptance is key to navigating through any of life’s losses or setbacks. When we don’t accept them, we end up fighting the wrong battle, using all our energy to complain, blame, get discouraged and thereby kill our passion.

We may not be doing anything wrong based on our level. We just have to stay at it. Accept where you’re and learn to be grateful.

If success were easy, everyone would be successful. Realize you’re not alone in your struggle. Solicit support from others who have gone before you. Seek counsel and ask for help. Then get out there and make it happen!

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3. Read Other Blog that are Successful.

Friends, “iron sharpens iron” says the Bible. Every venture under heaven has men and women who have become very successful in them; these men and women have taken time to pen down their success stories for people like you and me to read and learn.

As you read the stories of other successful bloggers in their blog posts, you will find out that your blogging passion begins to come alive once more.

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4. Re-Evaluate Your Goals

Goals don’t have to be in stone. They can be changed or modified depending on the needs of the day and season. Make sure your goals are specific, but don’t freak out if you don’t reach them when you had hoped.

Every great endeavor takes time to be fully accomplished. Plan to encounter obstacles and avoid being discouraged. Remember, you’re doing what you love so enjoy the journey.

5. Make out Time to be Creative

Get away from your computer. Get outside. Listen to what’s going on around you to stimulate your thinking. Be still. Internal and external quietness gives you time to reflect and come up with new ideas thereby setting your passion aflame.

6. Fan the flame

Remind yourself of why you started doing what you’re doing. Ask yourself how you have grown since you started. How have the challenges you’ve faced built your character and affected your blogging career.
Has your experiences made you more disciplined or showed you something new about yourself and your blogging career?

How will achieving your goals for blogging affect you in the future and a help the society in general?

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7. Develop a Voracious Appetite for News

To keep your blogging passion alive fresh you need to write passionately all your blog posts. To achieve this means you have to do a lot of research, you cannot do researches unless you have a voracious appetite for news.

To keep your blogging career alive, you must constantly be on the lookout for news and information.

8. Get Guest Bloggers

Another way to keep your blogging passion alive is to have others write blog posts for you. These guest bloggers can write on topics they choose or you can tell them what to write about.

Either way will work, but you need to decide which option is the best. You should create a category that is specific to guest bloggers and then include other categories that fit into your blog.

Remember, your blog is an important business. If you discover your blogging passion is dying and you can’t write for one reason or another, you need to find new ways to make it happen. The eight suggestions in this article will help you overcome the problems you’re having and they’ll help you keep your blogging passion alive.





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