8 SEO Friendly Blog Analyzing Tools

Blog analyzing tools is crucial for the knowing of the worth of your website/blog; this is very vital for ascertaining the overall performance of that site. Many of us that own websites or blogs always wonder what would be the value of our website if we were to sell them today.

Whatever is the case, it is always a good thing to know what your website is worth and this is where these blog analyzing tools comes to play major roles.

There are a number of factors that needs to be taken into consideration when establishing the value of your website. Here are some important factors that go into your website’s value consideration.

One of the most important factors that need to be considered is the number of unique visitors and pageviews per day. If your website gets high traffic or high pageviews per day, then the value of your website will be high. You may have invested thousands of dollars in creating a graphically stunning website but if its traffic level is very low, you cannot expect a high value for your website. You need to use blog analyzing tools to value your site now.

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Secondly, the number of backlinks you have also matters a great deal. If you have been constantly working your website’s link building and acquired a lot of back links then your website’s online popularity will be high and so will be your website’s value.

Thirdly, your website’s Google PageRank is of another major factor for consideration. Google which plays monopoly in the search industry ranks websites using its own trademark ranking algorithm called PageRank. Webmasters lose their night’s sleep on increasing their website’s page rank.

It is not without reason that the entire SEO industry tries to spend so much money and time on improving their page rank. The higher the PageRank, the greater the value of your website. Websites with good PageRank tend to rank better in the search result’s page. Find out your PageRank with these blog analyzing tools.

Below are Super 8 SEO friendly blog analyzing tools

1. Statmyweb.com: Statmyweb provides detailed statistics of websites across the web, just by entering the domain. It lets you explore any website information along with its history. I have used this site for many of its features, including its speed tests.

2. Valuegator.net: Value Gator’s unique algorithms will calculate the estimated price of a website in seconds. Not only this you can know complete statistics of your website e.g. Pagerank, Alexa rank, backlinks count, page speed score, bounce rate, dmoz listing, search engine index and overall social engagement – All in one place.

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3. Urlworth.com: urlworth.com is one of the simplest sites to check your website’s earning. The user interface is quite simple and makes it easy to use. Also it shows Google page rank, delicious links, reddit links, stumbleupon links, and backlinks from many other sources. A new feature is that it can detect the fake page rank that admin has created to fool the visitors. Overall ratings “average”.

4. Mysitecost.com: Mysitecost.com is unique in itself main feature that it displays is your monthly ads revenue; also it calculates the Google backlinks, yahoo backlinks, alexa rank, DMOZ listing, and alexa link. I will rate this website as average.

5. Bizinformation.org: This site displays the estimates in local currency. Simple and sleek design is its advantages. If we talk about features then it can show daily pageviews, daily visitors, worldwide rank, local rank (shows the rank in that country), number of pages and external link.

6. Valuemyweb.net: I came across this site through Google advert. This is also nice website you can check dmoz listing, yahoo indexed pages, Google pagerank. A very simple website.

7. Websiteoutlook.com: This site is top in my list as it was also developed by an Indian. This site tells you about the estimate worth of website, daily pageviews and daily earnings. It will nice when you experiment the earnings of your competitors, like I do.

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8. Urlrate.com: This is said to be the number one URL rate, website value calculator and Domain Name Value appraisal tool that will allow you to collect vital information about your domain and website worth from various sources and make it available to the users PLUS 100% FREE Search Engine Submission to more than 220 Major Search Engines!

The way a domain name or website’s value is calculated depends on some specific factors. As a matter of fact, a domain name value or website value is calculated by looking carefully into some important information which is available online and the most important factors are:

Unique Daily Visitors, Page Views, Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, Quantcast, Backlinks, Social mentions on sites such as Twitter and Bookmarking on Delicious, Digg, StumbelUpon, Reddit etc…


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